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In the category we Wanted to share news from the world of beauty that I want to get right now. Today in our wishlist is a universal pigment for makeup face, a transparent powder, scrub and lip mask from beauty lines professional makeup artist and one of the main beauty bloggers all Russia Elena Krygina.

31-year-old Elena Krygina (whose lessons on YouTube, many have learned to draw hands, painting her lips with red lipstick and to choose the right Foundation) — the girl purposeful. A couple of years ago she opened her own beauty Studio in the centre of Moscow — Krygina Studio, has launched a service for the delivery of beauty boxes and I wrote a book (about the makeup, of course). She is the lead makeup artist on fashion shows and filming and still have time to conduct workshops, which attracts around two thousand people every year. Fans have been eagerly waiting for the same Krygina will present their line of cosmetics. And that’s true!

We worked for four years on the creation of funds Krygina Cosmetics. The most difficult task — to embody the idea and to transfer it into a tangible product. I as a makeup artist with all the huge assortment, with all the oversaturation beauty market lacked simplify, — says Elena.

The entire collection works on the principle of design. It is not usual clear separation of eye shadow, blush, lipstick, but there are pigments of various types.

Usually cosmetics manufacturers to strictly delineate the areas of product use — “lipstick” or “eye pencil”. I needed one product that could replace ten or more. Thus was born the idea of creating flagship funds — Concrete. Around him began to take shape, the entire line of Cosmetics Krygina.

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Concrete — resemble miniature tubes (4.5 milliliters) of paint. Inside multifunction vysokomehanizirovannyh cream, which will replace the lipstick, eye shadow, eyeliner, mascara, blush, makeup tool eyebrow and contouring. From Concrete (1 650 roubles) special metal packaging which can be used as a palette for mixing.

My favorite shade is Ruby. This is the perfect ruby red with a cold undertone, which is absolutely everything! It luxurious looks in daylight and artificial evening light. Despite the fact that Ruby is a very dense color, it is easy to shade in a soft pink blush.

The durability of the noble — promise 8-12 hours. However, care components in the tool there, so after use as lipstick Lena recommends to put on the lips scrub Scrub (950 rubles), and then mask Lip Mask (950 rubles).

The second category of funds are the pigments in metallic shades. They come in transparent sticks with a handy pipette and called Metallized (2 150 rubles). In the no talc, solvents, and any additives, the product is 100 percent composed of pigments.

Sequins Sparkles (650 rubles) — an indispensable tool for festive make-up (don’t forget, New year is not far off). Due to the special technology of production between glittering particles is not formed, the static electricity, so the product is applied evenly in a thin layer. In the palette — 18 colors, with a silvery hue, is said to contain real silver particles.

The collection includes three subsidiary product. Cream thinner Cream Texture Master (1 150 rubles) can be used as the basis for a cream highlighter, a matte primer and as a base for sequin Sparkles.

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Liquid thinner Liquid Texture Master (1 250 rubles) suitable for creating watercolor effect in makeup. It is also able to “revive” a long-lasting cream products. For example, dried on the palette the pigment of the Concrete. By the way, the new product can be used as “eraser” to correct the shooter — type a little thinner on a clean flat brush and line the border of the contour.

Glass Gloss (1 150 rubles) can be used as a clear gloss, mix with a metallic Metallized pigment, applied over a cream-colored Concrete pigment and glitter Sparkles. The tool gives the “glass” effect on the eyelids and retains a perfect glossy finish on the lips.

Fixit powder Powder (1 250 rubles) will replace and dry mattifying primer, and a means for fixing makeup. All the matter in spherical particles that fill the fine lines and bumps on the face and visually smooth the skin by reflecting and scattering light. We even conducted an experiment — put on your palm a little powder, and the lines on the hand look less noticeable.

In development now — base ink, reflective product for effect photoshop and is lighter in texture product — analogue of the Concrete.

New items you can buy in the corner Krygina Cosmetics in the shopping center “Golden Apple” and on the official website of the brand.

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