Wanted: new Sephora Collection for rainbow mood


In the category we Wanted to share news from the world of beauty that I want to get right now. Today in our wishlist — mini-patches against acne in the form of amusing emoticons, moisturizing jelly for body scrubs with the scent of watermelon and papaya, algae mask with Goji berries, kiwi and coconut water, military, holographic lip gloss like from the 90s and palette to the most fashionable shades of the season. SPLETNIK.RU tested each tool and shares his impressions.

Body cream Beautifier (360 rubles).

Cream in a convenient tube of toothpaste (only large) moisturizes the skin, instantly absorbed and leaves no residue on the iPhone, if you just take texting, for example.

It is strange that the manufacturer calls it a jelly texture: it’s more of something between milk and the usual hand cream. A choice of three flavored versions: coconut water, aloe Vera, Shea butter and guarana. The compositions are appropriate.

Luminizer face Cosmic Glow (590 RUB.)

Add the face of the “cosmic” lights promises luminizer Cosmic Glow. The gel texture is perfect for creating Shine with wet effect gym-skin.

Matte skin does not look sexy. I usually use highlighter on the parts of the face that capture the light when you move. You can even apply it mid-foot, shoulder blade or collarbone. It looks great when you are sitting in the restaurant in the evening in a dress with a neckline and keep a glass of wine, says makeup artist with 35 years of experience rose-Marie Svif.

Facial cleanser with the effect of the natural radiance of the skin Amazing Luminizer (660 rubles).

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With regard to many favorite sculpturing tools, then hasten to disappoint you — it collection no. But there is a cool luminizer champagne shade Universal Shade. However, according to the expert, to cope with the contouring may not all.
The probability that you correctly applied the sculpturing tool is about 0.1 percent. Don’t need to look at all of these bloggers, if you don’t want to look like a performer on stage with makeup. I advise my clients to, including Miranda Kerr and Gisele Bundchen, to use a little luminizer to visually raise the cheekbones instead of making them hollow and draw dark lines

— said the expert.

Lip gloss Lip Holo Top Coat in shade 01 Moonlight Trip (580 RUB.)

Last impressions on the Jeremy Scott and Valentino models appeared on the catwalk with this gold foil lips and holographic glitter in the spirit of the 90s. And if the first option is hardly applicable in daily life, lip gloss with light reflecting pearls. It can be used as a standalone product, or as a top on top of your favourite lipstick. However, freedom of expression have no limits — means can be safely applied to other areas of the face.

By the way, the Holo glitter Top Coat lips in shade 01 Moonlight Trip can be called a brother Shine Aliengelic from Pat McGrath Labs (1 850 rubles). Only the price it significantly less.

Makeup palette face Palette Holographic (2 700 roubles)

Someone palette may seem too “child”: pastel pink, sky blue and peach shades really evoke associations with Barbie. But do not forget that the season of festivals and pool parties around the corner, and when if not in summer, to experiment with bright colors!

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In the palette — three shades of highlighter with fashion holographic effect and three matte shade of blush.

Body scrub, Body Detoxifier (220 RUB.)

One packet of this fragrant scrub is enough to get a good scrub all over the body. It has a nice creamy texture, quite fine abrasive particles and unobtrusive scent.

Alginate mask (300 RUB.)

The mask presented in the form of powder, which when mixed with water (preferably mineral, not tap water) turns into “rubber” pasta bright colors. In one “bucket” — ten grams of the mask. Applied a generous layer, it dries on the skin in just five minutes, and then easily removed. A choice of three versions: with Goji berries, coconut water and kiwi. Promise that for a couple of Spa sessions the skin becomes soft, moisturized and smooth.

Mini patches against acne (150 RUB.)

Remember, we told you about the patches-hearts for acne Truly Organic? Alas, to find them only at urbanoutfitters. For those who don’t want to bother with shipping, there is an alternative — mini-patches from Sephora. The package contains 12 miniature stickers: four white and eight drawings in the kiss, stars, clouds, trees or lightning.

Each mini-patch contains salicylic acid and green tea extract, which fight redness. Better to glue them on after eight hours, i.e. morning, as mark indicates, inflammation is significantly reduced.

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