Wanted: night cream in the form of pearls and black magnetic mask from Payot

In the category we Wanted to share news from the world of beauty that I want to get right now. Today in our wishlist — magnetic mask to remove toxins and cream in the form of mother-of-pearl pearls which works while you sleep.

In Ancient Egypt magnets were used not only for the treatment of many diseases, but also to combat ageing. According to legend, Cleopatra herself wore a magnetic amulet on her forehead to preserve youthfulness. Now magnetic masks are experiencing a real boom. However the technologists of the brand Payot has been able to create something new. In addition to the mineral magnetite (which, in fact, have magnetic properties), the tool contains a set of Uni-Perfect (Shea butter, silica and vitamin E). It provides deep cleansing of the skin from contamination.

A triangular magnet (it is securely glues to the wall of the jar — a godsend for rasters) magically removes the mask Uni Skin Masque Magnetique, and with it toxins, age spots and traces of acne that was on my face not five minutes ago. Share a few beauty hacks: each time not to wash the magnet (believe me, it’s not easy), it should be wrapped in a napkin. The second point, led magnet need, and avoid touching the skin, and an inch away from her. After the mask the skin slightly oily (I want to wash even), however, after a while, the film does not remain also a trace. However, cleansing up, as from the usual clay masks, don’t wait.

The second novelty is also very unusual is a night treatment, but not simple, and mother-of-pearl gems. In the composition — the same complex Uni-Perfect, which prevents and corrects pigment spots extract of the silk tree which stimulates the production of melatonin (sleep hormone), extracts of Asian plants and sunflower smooth the skin, extract of cress is responsible for detoxifying and Shea butter, rich in vitamins a, D and E, softens and nourishes the skin. The main ingredient — epigenomic (this ingredient derived from the flowers of calendula), it protects the environment, DNA of the cell and stimulates the synthesis of key cellular structures of the skin.

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The experts have it all figured out for you — one pearl is enough for one application (in a jar 116 units, respectively, the funds will be enough for four months). Before use, preheat the pearl in the palms (the fingers from the heat it starts to melt and turn into a cream with a velvety texture) and a circular motion apply to the face and neck. Be prepared for the fact that the product contains mother of pearl particles, so the skin will literally Shine and sparkle. Bonus — a gentle, powdery fragrance with notes of iris and cedar.


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