Wanted: young Russian cosmetics brand Beauty Minimalist


In the category we Wanted to share news from the world of beauty that I want to get right now. Today in our wishlist — young Russian cosmetics brand Beauty Minimalist. In stock you will not find a miraculous “cream of the lobes of the ears” or “nano-tools”, smoothing out wrinkles in seconds. But there are six products with honest formulations, unobtrusive flavors and pleasant textures.

The desire for the glossy standards, and indeed by whatever standards, obsolete. We are all different, we are all beautiful is the motto of the brand Beauty Minimalist.

The main idea of the creators of the Minimalist Beauty Yuliya Eltsova and Olga Garanina — removed from the daily routine not too important, irritating and not particularly necessary.

Instead of compound packing with colorful design — simple, austere white banks. Instead of a large number of funds — thought-out “basic wardrobe”, where only the most necessary. Therefore, the range is so far only six products (will soon have several products for the face) cream with the smell of peony and hand soap “White Gardenia”, shower gel, body cream with the fragrance of lime and sage shampoo with rosemary and grapefruit and hair conditioner.
We do not test their products on animals and we want to minimize the harm that cosmetics is doing to the environment. We do not test their products on animals and do not want to so did the others, proudly claim the founder of the brand.

Now they just develop a system that will allow you to use packaging tools again, and looking for Fund to help nature, or oceans, which get to operate.

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Mark was born in a hotel room. While on vacation, Julia, who for many years worked as beauty editor, and Olga, who worked in the IT field, I suddenly realized that I feel so easy and good to travel, because they take a minimum of clothes and makeup (travel set offered by the hotel is sufficient).

So the idea to create a minimalistic brand. Therefore, creating your brand, they worked primarily on the fact that cosmetics clearly fulfilled its function (the cream moisturizes the skin, shampoo made the hair clean, the conditioner facilitates combing) and day to day raised spirits of someone who uses it.

We’ve brought all our formulas to perfection, that funds really worked, but it was safe, non-aggressive and friendly not only to humans but also to nature,

— saying of the founder of Minimalist Beauty.

The amounts due from harmful chemicals, dangerous preservatives and questionable dyes. But there is a maximum of natural ingredients.

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