Warm autumn with YSL Tatouage Couture Liquid Matte Lipstick in 23 Singular Taupe

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Beauty, Hello!

I love autumn! This wonderful season of bright colors and red lipsticks???? But sometimes you want something warm, warming, relaxing… All I can say about a lipstick from YSL. Who cares, invite a cat to explore it

YSL Tatouage Couture Liquid Matte Lipstick in Taupe 23 Singular.

I have high respect for the brand YSL. I love their lip products! And, of course, could not pass up a new line of lipsticks Tatouage Couture Matte Liquid Lipstick. In the line of 18 shades, there where carousing)) it Was difficult to choose any one shade, because I love bright lipstick, but first zatista I just conquered it 23 shade and then you’ll understand why.

We will start as usual with registration:

the lipstick is in a standard blue carton box gold color

the case is simply stunning! It is matte and transparent, that makes me very happy, after all, seen the shade of lipstick. The lid is glossy, Golden color with brand logo. Closes tightly with a distinctive click. Everything is quality made of thick plastic. In General, I loved the design! The case is very nice in the hands ????

the reverse side has a brief information from the manufacturer. Volume: 6 ml.

About the applicator I can talk forever! The most successful form of all that I tried. It’s flat and shaped like a “spatula”, but cut at an angle. Center it plastic, and it also has the logo of the brand. In the first description you’d think he’s tough, but it’s not. The edges of the applicator has a soft insert fibers. It is very convenient to draw the contour of the lips. If you couldn’t make it a smooth contour, this applicator will be your godsend, because with it you will get a smooth outline of the lips.

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Shade: this particular shade. Very beautiful brown Nude. Such a warm… autumn…

Finish: initially, we have a glossy finish, the lipstick hardens immediately. After a few minutes after applying, the lipstick sits, and the finish becomes more matte, but not “gasny” Matt.

Flavor: I must say that this is not a typical fragrance brand. The aroma was more intense and not as fruity. I think that gives a little alcohol. But when worn it is not felt.


daylightin the sun

Th:the texture is watery, has a great pigmentation. With one application covers all the pigment of the lips. Lies smooth dense layer of non-plesivec. Just note that the pigment in this lipstick is not eating into the skin of the lips. But brighter shades of pigment leaves a tint behind. The lipstick does not spread, does not accentuate peeling and falls in folds of the lips. You caused it, so it will be on the lips. Very comfortable to wear, I would say that it is like second skin of the lips. I absolutely do not feel, as it does not dry lips. Separately, I note her vitality, she is stunning! Without problems survive the bite. Go starts only after a full meal. Coming off evenly starting from center of the lips. If necessary, you can remove any tool for removing makeup.

Well, in General, and all I wanted to tell you. Let’s see the lipstick on the lips:

lipstick immediately after applying. daylight in the sun After a while the lipstick settles

Conclusion: awesome lipstick! Love it. If you are in search of a matte lipstick, then pay attention to it. With such good characteristics is very difficult to find a matte lipstick. And I want a couple of bright shades.

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Rating: 5!

Cost: I bought in the area of 1800 rubles, the full cost — 2 985 RUB.

Thank you for your attention


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