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Soft muted colors in Macaire always look elegant and interesting. I offer a great option on a warm autumn.

Start training for a century, causing concealer.

On the concealer with a fluffy brush apply moscovie shadows from ColourPop in the color of Bravery. I love this texture, as it perfectly blends on the skin and on top of these shadows fit well dry. Bravery is a matte warm brown color. I apply it not intense (because a fluffy brush).

In the crease apply a different color from Colour Pop. This is already a solid option, color gray-olive Team Captain. Beautiful matte satin color, easy to use.

Next, draw in the outer corner of the eye warm brown shade from Sigil Inspired predator. In the dry method of application is almost black base with gold particles.

On all mobile eyelid elastic flat brush, apply a grey-olive color from the palette Lime Crime venus II Marsh. It is lighter and satinova colors from Colour Pop.

On the lower eyelid in the outer half of the eye apply a matte brown with a greenish undertone color Gorleben from Sigil Inspired.

To the inner corner of the eye apply Taurus color from the palette Colour Pop of The Zodiac and it is also shaded with the previous color.

In the inner corner apply color Gemini from the same palette Zodiac, and under the eyebrow color and Charming simplicity from Sigil Inspired (not tired to sing odes to this color. The perfect highlighter!)

On the face of the tone Catrice Liquid Coverage. Concealer Colour Pop No light filter 16. Powder NYX no filter.

For the life of such “heavy” products may not be suitable for all, but for photos this is perfect.

Highlighter Catrice.

Tarte blush Thrilled + the saem YE01

Lipstick Colour Pop Lip Ultra Blotted ZUMA

Thanks for watching.

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