Warming hot chocolate in anticipation of autumn

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Do you wait for autumn as I wait for her? We are expecting a great time of year, not available in many countries. Nights have become cooler, the air is fresh and clean under my feet rustling crimson leaves. The period when you can enjoy elegant jackets suiting, Pavloposad scarves, long walks and sitting in coffee shops with a Cup of hot cocoa, coffee, thick chocolate.

Two of gloss from NYX from different series. Generally tend to matte lipsticks, but sometimes you want food, glossy, smooth.

NYX Butter Gloss in the shade Praline — glossy Shine without a hint of shimmer, the same tasty hue as his name. Warm caramel. Holding circuit without the pencil, the mucous membrane is not going (only if you overdo it), very good nourishes the lips and after the disappearance of the Shine, the skin moisturized after the balm. Hair from the wind stick, but I have long wear lip glosses only when the hair is collected). Cover of the glitter matches the shade of the light.

The ordinary sponge, soft.

On the lips:


NYX Intense Butter Gloss in the shade Chocolate Crepe glossy Shine without shimmer, but more dense, opaque. Pulls a liquid lipstick. Color chocolate-pink. Darker brother. The same nutrient, with good body properties. Does not flow into the crease, not running over the lines, not rolled stripes. Hair just caught on a lip. The cap of this gloss black.

The sponge is a little different too convenient:

Both smell like Shine is unreal desserts, and very naturalistic. Quality packaging nephrotoma. A volume of 8 ml.

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On the lips:

And palabras:

Compare colors:

Rating: 5-, for the stickiness

Price: about 500 rubles. for PCs

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