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When people ask me what in my opinion the best budget blush, I always answer that it is Kiko. This instance proved to be another confirmation.

Gold package I did not here like it is very light, it is clear that plastic is cheap, but, thanks to that the coating is not erased. Besides, no discount this blush was worth about a thousand, that does not correlate with this case with the claim for refinement. Well, okay, most importantly, what’s inside.

The volume is very good 8,5 gr., the common man will be enough until the end of the centuries.

When we open the box the first thing you notice is vanilla aroma. It is palpable, on the face, lasts a long time, but I like it. For me it is much nicer to feel the touch Vanilli than the absence of odorants, which is expressed by the stink of plastic.

Riano blush made marble, mostly dark segment with splashes of pale pink.

When mixing is very light, delicate shade of dusty rose with cool satin finish that highlights the incredibly beautiful face. Pigmentation noticeable, so a light sweep of the brush is enough for everyday makeup.

Shade I think would suit any appearance and for any image, so you can buy, and the question of Rouge will be closed for a long time.

The texture is also at altitude. Blush tight ot hardened, well be typed on a brush and give great color. They were great to work with, velvety texture that gently touches the face, and instantly “shrunk”, merging with the skin. They hold, by the way, a very long time.

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in this photo, very well seen, satin finish

The skin looks very natural, very refreshing and it is nice that the application is absolutely hassle-free. Instant shade any brush, leaves no borders, no stains. For a versatile blush that I use every day, it’s the best that you can think of. You know, when the morning rush to work, it is not up to the whimsical products.

The only price, as for me, as a tall. Somehow it really hurts the eyes when Kiko sold nearly a thousand rubles… But I usually like to wait for discounts and got them cheaper, although not for 250 rubles, as the last blush in the glass.

Price: around 900 R.

Rating: 5

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