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Hi all! I propose to look at the miracle of technology and the last word in the beauty industry: skin analyzer from Korean brand Wayskin. If he needed us? Or rather you, since I have it already πŸ™‚

In this post I want to tell you about the beauty device, which not so long ago saw the world and now broadcast from every angle ( not without the help of the girls from Glow Recipe of course). We were immediately on the same wavelength’ll describe it in two sentences, and then we go more. I’ll try to be very objective, but the human mind itself, subjective.

Wayskin Skin Analyzer device with a sensor that measures the moisture level of the skin, as well as environmental humidity and UV index, and collects all data connects to mobile device via Bluetooth where and displays the information in a special Appendix.

For the last couple of years, we can see the growing popularity of cosmetic gadgets for home use: electric toothbrush, the device LED rays vibrating brush for cleansing and so on. These are the wild popularity, go all the new devices β€” do not have time to blink as there is something new πŸ™‚ the impression that there is an arms race, now Wayskin working on releasing the device with LED rays, which have already released Foreo and recently released Dr. Dennis Gross.

I heard about Wayskin over a year ago completely by chance and could not decide on a purchase. In short, things were as follows:

for modders β€” this is NOT a screenshot of instagram.

By the way, the watch I have and that’s just them I consider to be one of my best purchases in a series of “wearable devices”. But let us return to our birds… Wayskin I got only thanks to a discount I succumbed to the temptation to get hold of this useless thing. In the end Wayskin cost me 40 $ instead of 80 that a little bit, but brightens up my grief.

History Wayskin begins in September 2014, according to official website, WayWearable is a startup established in December 2014 they received investors through crowdfunding, where money was collected on their offspring –Wayskin. The first devices appeared in January 2016.

External description of the device:

The box contains the device itself, USB cable, quick manual, a velvet pouch to store your device and a microfiber cloth for cleaning. The device is not waterproof β€” if you want to clean it, you just need to use a rag.

To comfortably use Wayskin, you will need an iPhone with iOS 8.0 or higher, if you are not an Apple user, then you will need Android 4.3 or higher, you will also need a Bluetooth 4.0. The app uses GPS to find your location. By the way I say, I have a Samsung S9+ and the app crashes every hour, I didn’t notice it, but when I wrote the post, you understand more than one hour left β€” how about it… Specially for modders β€” this is NOT a screenshot integrame. This is a common tab phone with broken app.

The device has only one button to turn it on. The manufacturer claims that the device can work up to 5-7 days on the battery, and then be recharged. By the way, he came not charged (upset, usually charged). Charge for 5-7 days is negligible, I even began to forget to plug it in. I have a Fitbit runs for two weeks and plows around the clock, and here this kid can not stay more than 5 days? Nonsense. From the opposite side are sensors, they must bring to the skin during scanning.

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The device comes in two colors β€” black and white. Black version when you enable glow red, and white β€” white, respectively. Looks like the eye of Sauron πŸ™‚

Weight β€” 23 grams

Size β€” 5.5 cm

How does this device in the form of a donut?

Wayskin β€” skin analyzer BIA. BIA indicates bioelectric impedance analysis is a non-invasive method of measurement of water content in the body. That’s not all, it not only measures and analyzes the content of your skin, but also measures humidity, temperature and UV level. Wayskin not only uses sensors for analysis of environmental data in your region, but is also associated with the national weather service. The only factor that the device can’t measure, but it will still show it to you in the app from the meteorological service (probably Korean) is the level of PM.

PM is the level of air pollution. The app can help you track period and water consumption, as well as your routine skin care. Here I will try more as possible πŸ™‚

After You have found and downloaded the app Wayskin ( in pamphlet written wrong, I spent half an hour searching app Way when I had to look Wayskin) more will need to connect via Bluetooth. Voila! All ready to go. By the way, updates come often.

Then You will be prompted to make your first check up, also to pass a test to determine skin type, will be asked to allow to see your location. After you agree, you will start to broadcast Estancia πŸ™‚ This is the first tab application and it is called DashBoard.

What we see here? The required minimum SPF15, air pollution, low humidity 50% and 23 degrees Celsius, we kakbe say the heat. Thank You, Cap! The right graph shows the weekly report of the above options (screenshot was made long ago). Also there is a graph of the amount of water you drink ( it will need to enter the data yourself, you really are going to enter?) Bottom DashBoarda a button to analyze the condition of the skin on the left shows the results of the last measurement, if you kept them.

And at the very bottom is Period Tracker β€” the schedule of the menstrual cycle.

One of the graphs, which can be very useful if you have a hormonal rash, this tracking period, the app shows some tips related to your current menstrual cycle. At the beginning of the use of the app may be inaccurate from the beginning or ending date of the periods, since every woman is different and the device specifies a standard 28 days and if you don’t have all the exact application may need time to adapt. Everything is entered manually, of course.

Now the most interesting. How does the skin analysis.

  • It is necessary to select which part of the face you’re going to scan
  • To determine the availability of cosmetics
  • Decide where you are
  • I noticed that changing the options once influence on the reliability of transmitted data.

    Next, you need to put the device sensors to the skin and wait a few seconds. The result will be on the phone monitor.

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    You will ask or want you to save your results in a Skin Diary. Basically, interesting idea, but I did not understand its meaning? Well, look I what I got was a skin on the morning of 5 December? I can remember the result, and the result I need to know here and now to decide what to do now to see how it behaves something on my skin, but look to the annals of a year ago, well, this.

    Some of my results:

    As I said the most interesting thing to check after using godovogo tools to understand what’s going on. By the way, the device is not showing a level of skin oiliness, as do other gadgets, I wondered why and wrote in support of Wayskin and that’s what I said:

    Thank you for your interest in WAYSKIN.
    Our WAYSKIN tells you the value of moisture your skin.
    We have tried to provide oil to the initial values are currently only provides moisture value.
    The reason for this is that the method of estimating oil is based on moisture measurement.
    We do not think this method is accurate. Therefore, only the moisture value is provided.
    We apologize for the disappointment.
    Thank you.
    WAYSKIN Support

    I’m no expert, I can’t tell how they are right, but it sounds convincing. Wayskin experts believe that the method of determining the fat content of skin based on hydration unreliable.

    In the course of action will appear a pop-up window with all sorts of explanations.

    For example, the recommendation on when best to do a scan of the skin in the morning.

    Or explanation of the phenomenon that the device somehow shows a different result for the sixth time.

    Strange, but true.

    The next tab is called the application β€” Recommendations.

    In this tab it is possible to pass the test for definition of type, age of the skin and accordingly to recommendations in the form of cans-bottles, which theoretically should be appropriate as well as General advice for everyone β€” suddenly you identify yourself as a 20 year old πŸ™‚

    All calculated according to your data and the answers to the questions the application will ask you questions such as “do you smoke?”, “how much coffee a day do you drink?” (surely, progressing with the roundabout πŸ™‚ and it will show you three different pictures, asking, “which picture most resembles your skin condition?”, it will ask you about your lifestyle… Issues with a few dozen. The test seemed accurate, it was conducted on several people and all have confirmed the result.

    My result: combination skin, brown spots (it is my only one!), large pores, so what?

    Look General guidelines:

    Recommendations for my skin type and age:

    I noticed that many of the bottles from the store GlowRecipe, as well as from several other manufacturers that are likely to collaborate with the brand Wayskin. For Example, Tatcha. This does not mean that they are bad, but I would prefer to be absolutely neutral in this regard and did not redirect us to the website of the store to make a purchase. Therefore the recommendations is limited by the number of products. Right below are product recommendations for skin problems: acne, pores, and so on.

    The most interesting buttons are in the middle of all advertising:

  • A test to determine the type and age of the skin ( can take an infinite number of times)
  • Skincare to use.
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    Uhuu! You can find search tools that you use and record them in your diary.

    But now I have to disappoint you, but Yes, only those who choose to sell you Wayskin. Add your funds is not zero. Dr. Dennis is clearly more than 30 health funds, but the application presents only 30.

    A little bit of fun and that’s what I’ve found in the app from their shelves. You can do a test after a certain funds, thus you will contribute to the number of asterisks πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Interesting to see the real result not just review “I liked it”.

    Here is the idea of direct FIRE. But not finalized, maybe someday will be able to add your own skincare or range of application will expand..

    And the last tab, the least interesting β€” Tips.

    In short, it’s just a reprint of blog shop Glow Recipe. You can like and keep your favorites.

    There was one tab that carries no intellectual load β€” My.

    There’s just tied to your email.

    Language support: only English or Korean.

    My detailed comments:

    The idea Wayskina is quite simple: the sensor transmits the info via Bluetooth to the phone where the app will tell you what to do to always stay young. The problem is that it all boils down to the fact that you need to drink more water, keep track menstruation, is not long in direct sunlight, use sunscreen. Whether it’s worth all $ 80? For this money you can buy a box of Evian water and sunscreen, and still get change back. But I will not deny that the device has positive side for which the device was bought and is directly determine the level of moisture. Now you say that these devices are cheaper, here I will answer that I wanted, those gadgets that I mentioned above.

    I’m really interested to scan your skin to see whether the tool is sufficient if it is moisturizing, even after more than 6 months of use I still haven’t lost interest and are engaged. Sometimes the results are sad, sometimes unexpected delight, but I will not say that the device changed my “care”. I just know now that that mask is not moisturizing, but the cream was very good for my skin.

    I hope that the creators Wayskin will modify the device and add new features, fix old. Polish so to speak, so you can really tell that this analyzer costs $ 80 because it is better than $9.99 on a certain website. But as long as I paid for the trackers water, menstruation and Estancia that you can download for free in the App Store and Play Store.

    Of course it is impossible to remain silent about the beautiful design of the gadget that feels great in the hand, but that still doesn’t justify the price.

    80$Ρ†Π΅Π½Π°4/10ΠΎΡ†Π΅Π½ΠΊΠ°6 months, 5P/nudeleisaibens skin Type: Combination skin, without any problems

    As you device Wayskin? Do you plan to buy a analyzer for skin?

    Is there any beauty device, which you would like to try? Do you believe the beauty device will become more popular in the near future or we don’t need? Speak up guys, you always want to get feedback on their work, otherwise all he wrote in the table :))

    Sincerely, Jolsie.

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