Weightless resistance from Yves Saint Laurent – liquid matte lipstick Tatouage Couture

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Lipsticks and glosses with a liquid texture I have always associated with stickiness and uncomfortable on the lips, a desire to erase it. However, a new product from Yves Saint Laurent — matte lipstick Tatouage Couture completely changed my view. It really does not feel completely weightless, feels like water, while delicately moisturizes lips and gives a velvety. Surprisingly, it has excellent stoicescu, lasts a very long time. The feeling on my lips so comfortable about carrying lipstick it is even possible to forget. And don’t even remember during the meal as it leaves no marks on cups, plates, spoons and other utensils.

Lipstick on the lips

That my lips were painted, recalled only traces on the napkin that I wiped the lower part of the face will zaversheno meal.

On the skin of the hands

Despite the fact that I have a shade of pale ( tone 11 Lillicite Rose), the texture fits tightly enough applied with a thin layer, and the lipstick on the lips can be clearly seen. In the palette there are more, acree shades, as they say, for every taste and occasion. 18 colors, 18 credo – and each has its own story. This shade is quite neutral and versatile, perfect “every day” and “on all occasions”, goes well with almost any clothing and makeup.

No wonder the title includes the word “Tatouage”. The fashion for tattoos has pushed Yves Saint Laurent Beauté to create a formula, whereby the coating will stay on the lips all day, not rubbing dimming. Lipstick really creates the effect of tattooing lies Ruano and tightly, quickly “absorbed” on the lips, but not “eats”, it is easy to remove without the traces of regular cloth.The highly pigmented matte formula contains 3 times more pigments and is applied 4 times more than a thin layer.

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The fuzzy applicator slanted

The applicator for applying is not easy, and special shapes in the form of frames Thomas boov “P” with the angled top, which allows to apply extremely smoothly and clearly.This form helps to achieve a flawless graphic makeup of the lips. Pointed tip easy to contour, you can do without preliminary drawing with a pencil and a separate brush. Even novice makeup is easy to apply without a single blot. For matte lips with a clear outline recommended outline the contour of the lips thin side of the applicator, then apply one layer of lip in the middle of the wide side of the applicator.

Packing vygldit luxuriously made of transparent hard plastic. Rose gold tone kryshkoi with the logo of the brand. The logo applied to the base of the brush. The bottle is Packed in zolotistyy cardboard box with the brand logo.

The aroma and pleasant, slightly sweet with floral and fruity notes ( at least I thought so).

Enjoy the new lipstick more than 2 months, very satisfied! Would recommend. The price is about 2500 rubles.

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