Weleda Wildrose 7 Tage glättende Schönheits-Kur Smoothing concentrate with rose oil of mosqueta. The perfect oil

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Is a concentrate I bought just in time. In the cold season my skin just needs in emergency nutrition and recovery. Dryness sometimes just killed and I fled as best they could. That’s when I heard about this concentrate. Especially because I always suffer from wrinkles caused by dryness, and the concentrate is promised to smooth.

In multiples of 7 glass vials, which are very neatly displayed. One vial, and that 0.8 ml is for single use only. It is enough for the face, neck and décolleté.

Should be used for 7 days every evening after cleansing and toning the skin. When applying I did a light massage of the skin. This procedure I did for a couple of hours before bedtime so your skin can soak up everything without a trace. After applying the concentrate I didn’t use any creams, because of the need for it was not. Skin feel comfortable.

The oil texture is light, but still it is very fragrant, but don’t expect a perfumed rose. Here the flavor is bitter, grassy. In General, it is one that must be natural remedies.

The effect of the application was visible the next morning. The skin is soft and nourished. Dryness vanished almost without a trace, and with it the wrinkle caused her. But that was only the beginning!

After seven days, the entire course, the skin direct perked up. Erased signs of fatigue and the winter dryness went completely. The skin has become much softer and more elastic.

A nicely animated, and the overall tone evened out. Wrinkles caused by dryness, which are so concerned about my skin during periods of intense dehydration and heating, really smoothed out. But I did not see a positive effect on wrinkles. Not sure I’m for getting rid of these integrated ballpoint will be a panacea.

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I think this is a great tool that will help with dehydration and redness. When you think that the skin needs urgent charging, the concentrate will definitely help you.

Rating: 5

Price: 800 rubles

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