Well, on the beach with Victoria’s Secret? Electric Beach Fragrance Mist

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Hello! For a long time are a fan of Cosmeticly, but he did not dare even to write something. No comment, no question, and the review so this is… And all of a sudden such a rush.
So, let’s begin…
Despite the fact that it was the final summer month, we will talk about summer scent released by Victoria’s Secret in the form of a mist for the body from the Neon Paradise Fragrance Mists.

Manufacturer’s description goes something like this:
“…It is chosen by girls who wish to be the center of attention, because the smell of the sugar Apple and Orchid sounds bright, rich and seductive.
Spray onto skin after bath or shower, and she instantly softened, and become smooth and deliciously velvety. Natural flower and fruit extracts fills skin cells with life-giving water and vitamins. A feeling of comfort and freshness, as well as a luxurious fragrance you can enjoy all day. Victoria’s Secret Fragrance Mist Electric Beach — the most beautiful female angels

Who mastered the description, already aware that the alleged notes, it is sugar Apple and Orchid. There’s no base notes, heart notes etc as it is positioned more as a skin care. The smell definitely relate to the sweet, fruity. And if I can imagine the smell of the sugar Apple, the Orchid… Well, honestly, with about a dozen orchids, I absolutely do not understand what it is water in the sense supposed to smell.
Well, it’s certainly a digression. So, what do we have? surely you are already interested 🙂
The design of the spray level. Quality plastic bottle with a convenient fine spray, which is working properly until the last drop. Bright, beautiful design. This bottle is not ashamed to keep somewhere in sight.

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Well, the contents of this Neon Paradise doesn’t please me. Sweet water, as for me, the smell is not a sugar Apple, but rather a plum or a nectarine, but very himonya. In Avon there are sprays for the body is one one scent, only more expensive and more volume.
I normally bought without zatista and “sniffed” on the Internet and this time the nose barter failed.

On account whogivesa properties sensible will not say anything because I did not feel. Yes, there is a nice freshness, but not more. Good marks on clothes leaves. Although I don’t expect the spray of care, it is more mischief in the hot days when you do not want to overload yourself with fragrance.
And even when sprayed first what hits the nose is the alcohol…

Have send Vika is and worthy representatives such as Aqua Kiss favorite Duchess Love Spell
Rating: 4-

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