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I am the same person who never bought a tangle teaser and… Yes, I exist) so I will tell you about another comb

My hair I have never particularly worried about falling out, there was one episode, is quite sensitive, but it ended pretty fast, and the hair recovered. Hormones, stress, antibiotics, vitamin deficiencies. Everything is always addressed but never have I comb do not attach any importance. Periodically, I came across the combs are different, the last one I bought proforest hair, and, God forbid memory, it was worth RUR 270. This amount for a comb seemed normal to me, combs is more expensive I was not interested. Then I became a victim of Internet applications known stores and saw the comb, the value of which exceeded one thousand roubles. Well, I’m not surprised, I will not lie, but was not ordered. The reviews on the TT met me more often (Yes, the same theory, according to which, anyone who is looking for something, tend everywhere to see what they want, and that feedback seems to have become noticeable to me). But the hair still did not bother me, the master cried while coloring it and I’m not paying for one painting, and for the time spent with me in the Studio, the comb broke teeth. At that time I was weighed this volume????????♀app

But suddenly this fall, my hair attempted to escape. The plan, apparently, was total), every (I emphasize, every one!) comb claimed hair so that when rewinding, they were balls. Wash hair was too creepy — I wash my hair head down, out of the total length extorted “trickle” hair width of a few cm It was a nightmare. At the moment, from the hair of the left half, at best.

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Focus on the theme of the reasons would be tedious, not looked my story. Of course, not in the comb was a cause. Often hear people talk about stress, hormones and vitamin and mineral deficiency as separate processes, it is not. These processes are interrelated. Find and cure the cause of hair loss, improper metabolism, acne and other similar problems is a very challenging task. I had pinned such hopes on a comb. But I began to think about buying a Tangle Teaser.

Then there were the posts about the new comb Cactus. I was waiting for the post-comparison. Asked questions the girls were asked to compare them. The scales tipped in favor of Bleo Cactus. And I bought it.

Don’t know what special you can tell about the brush? The quality of performance at the height of the comb looks like that, I think, that at desire it is possible to leave the grandkids. The colour I chose is black with pink gold. The comb three rows of teeth, rather, it allows her to unravel the hair without any difficulties. The prongs are quite thick, sturdy and smooth. If you try to bend them, they immediately return to their original position.

(Difficult to catch and show rows of teeth)

On brushing. It totally changed my idea about combing, now I know it could be so easy) my supercautious to nodes in one night she combs her hair easily. I did not notice the effect of the tourmaline coating my hair in the winter always electrified the clothes. To this effect, I will be able to estimate in the warm time of the year. My hair is straight and smooth, so to say something about smoothing me too hard. But the fact that she pulls hair and I have a couple of weeks not to start crying even before brushing — that’s a fact. In order to illustrate it, I made an effort and comb, old comb, captured this sad sight. Please note that it was yesterday, that is, at the time when the worst is behind us, but the old comb-infection was able to tear out that such a beam.

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And to compare the results Bleo Cactus. Standing this morning.

Even in the heyday of hair on the comb I had more and I do this calmly)

Hair is now falling out less (here two combs, I spent a decent amount for the treatment of all factors of the problem), but if you consider the difference in times, it’s 5-6. The hairbrush Cactus in 5-6 times less hair. Despite the fact that they are better disentangled, and after the usual comb Cactus there is still something to unravel.

And when I think she could help me not lose so much hair this fall…????????♀️????????♀️????????♀️ already weakened the hair I pulled out to comb???? in short, ending the story, I will say that I plan to buy about ten of them in my next trip to the capital) no, do not reserve???? want my family also realized how nice it was to have such)

Well, and one in the bag)

Cost — 1470 rubles without discounts

Rating — 5+++

Term of use — 2 weeks

Happy New year to You! And merry Christmas!

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