Wet-n-Wild E758 Rose in the air

When the whole world has been ill and enough of the red-brick shades in makeup, I just matured and decided may be worth a try? Similar shades I assumed that I would use only occasionally and were therefore not willing to buy some kind of sensational expensive palette. If it were my everyday shades, then Yes, I’m ready to invest, and then for me only as a kind of game. But I liked this game or not, I’ll tell you, I went…

Girls will immediately apologize to you for what I see no reason to describe every shade, find the adjectives and toning the words. And so it is seen, will only indicate the characteristics.

The case is strong, the truth is not easy initially, but soon it all becomes normal.
And you use such tips? I never, but the crib is, as you can see…

And now about the shades: pretty good quality for this price range. Not perfect, but can be done safely beautiful bright makeup, and light day with no problems. Tactile sensations shadows tefilah all very soft except for the brightest shade of fuchsia.

That’s exactly the shade of pink as the feelings, and the application is very much different as if its from another palette here by mistake put.

All shades applied without a base. On top of the first two, it’s shades of the great soul school, upper and lower.

The palette 8 two satin and matte shades.

Hearts showed those shades that I use constantly and they like colors and characteristics.

Most importantly, I want to say– the shadows should be applied only to the base. They are not lasting even on my oily eyelids is not normal, roll down all the shades and partially disappear with age. On the basis of all right, keep no bad all day.

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Shade transitional shades, and the main is not a difficulty. Is that the only bright pink feather lends itself to the most difficult, but I cope well, and I’m not a Pro.

By far the favorite shade – this is the fifth in the collage. It is a beautiful bronze with a reddish tint, looks very nice even in mono makeup.

The left number three matte and two satin. Right lane: all matte

Here in this embodiment, most of the time I wear these shadows, on the one hand bright, but not eye gouge.

Definitely happy with the purchase and even more confirmed in his opinion that an expensive palette with similar shades I don’t need. Most of my make-up became more restrained.

Thanks for reading, and tell me what palettes you use most often in everyday life use? Here’s the one direct arm stretches.

♥PS Julia♥

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