Wet n wild glitter single bleached E3512 new year version. Or not?

Looking at the lights glitter in refile, it seems that it is the most beautiful glittery shade. But is it true?


As you can see, very beautiful glitter prismatic involved in colorless creamy base.


The base is creamy, oily, skin, it does not set firmly, so it rests loosely glitter and in makeup in the eyes can be rolled, but in principle it’s not terrible, because the base and glitter are transparent, they are almost not visible, only in certain light appears colored lights. But this is only if you use glitter solo.



If you wish, this glitter-Wet n wild glitter single bleached E3512

can be used to accent on top of makeup, but in this case it is necessary to use super-resistant base primer.


Glitter-Wet n wild glitter single bleached E3512 easy to type, on the skin it is best to move a finger, not a brush.


Unfortunately, I was expecting a nasty surprise: under the top layer a beautiful, refile was more base than glitter and when the top layer was set to the finger, I received only a dozen glittering in fatty base and all. As you know, put a dozen in this eye makeup I don’t see the point, is to use glitter on the body and cheekbones as a highlighter bright unusual on the cheeks. Of course this option is not for every day, but in the new year I shined so.

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