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I want to tell you today about a great inexpensive highlighter.

The highlighter is in a simple plastic packaging, easy to open, looks pretty secure. There are 3 shades, I have the lightest. Color can only describe as creamy with pinkish tint, but not as popular in the last year of duochrome, and very gentle, barely noticeable. In General, he does not give a clear hue, visible only to glare.

The texture is quite pleasant, not chalk, highlighter and not dusty. Well typed on a brush and blends easily. What I especially like is the fact that there are no separate large sequin. The degree of deposition can be varied, if desired, will create a very intense glare and metal cheekbone, but you can make quite a natural option.

The texture is not much stressed (although if you have trouble with it, I would not dare to apply highlighter to these areas). I’m keeping calm all day.

The sunIn the sunIn the shade

Highlighter on the face in the shadows.

The glow is not visible, but you notice that when he was not the light, it looks natural and not yellow/gray spots. I have quite light skin and some military that Shine beautifully in the light, in the shadows look at least strange.

Daylight + a little ring light.

Bright sunlight.

Macro in the electric light.

Conclusion: In my opinion, this is a great highlighter at this price.

Rating: 5.

Price: 250 rubles.

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