What I used this summer

I think we all have some “secret” products that are used from season to season or even year-round. Today I’d like to tell you about products that you do not represent your summer.

Cefine Hot Moisture Pack

This mask is one of my most favorite and popular at any time of the year.

The gel mask yellow in colour, has a sticky texture (I have the analogy with honey) and apply on cleansed face massage movements which activate the warming effect of the mask. It can be applied just after cleansing, and after cleansing mask or peel, the effect will be better, and no discomfort mask will not deliver.


This “ductility” mask a bit more difficult to distribute on the skin of the face and under your fingers it instantly heats up on the skin is distributed comfortable heat. The mask is not sticky and does not create the feeling of the film. The manufacturer recommends leaving the mask on the skin for 5-10 minutes, but within a few seconds after the appearance of a warming effect, it’s gone and the mask turns into any us the usual face mask, which is subsequently washed off under running water.


The mask is very comfortable to use during the application and activation of a warming effect, and after, when it remains for some time on the skin. I have combination, but prone to dry skin, and this mask replaced all the moisturizing and nourishing mask, as underneath the skin does not itch and feels no desire to wash off the mask immediately.


After using the mask the skin is very soft, has a uniform color, podkonice smoothed. In the presence of any micro inflammation mask does not irritate them and does not clog pores. Black spots are lightened, but not purging, although this effect is not stated. I would say that this is not just a moisturizing mask, this mask that in 10 minutes revitalizes the skin, perfectly nourishes dry skin and provides an excellent SOS-after-flights. And since I fly frequently (10-12 hours) and go on a long car ride, this mask always helps me to quickly regain a fresh complexion.


Also after using the mask aftercare to cause a pleasure and the skin takes it with gratitude. If you use the mask Cefine after cleansing mask (clay for example), the heating effect does not cause discomfort and the mask nourishes the skin even more. Hot Moisture Pack is the perfect mask for any time of year. No wonder it’s so popular among fans of the brand.

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RMK UV Face Protector SPF 50+

Sunscreen I use all year round if the winter can use a protection factor of 30+, summer is definitely 50+ and the last few years, trust the Japanese.


High quality white tube from which is extracted a small amount. The consistency of sunscreen is a fairly light cream with very high protection factor of 50+, I personally do not believe too high a figure even in the cold season.


The tool is perfectly distributed in the skin, not rolled at the day care serums and moisturizers. Quickly absorbed by the skin, it does not leave behind a sticky film. It is a good base for makeup, which is easy to apply like liquid Foundation and powder.


For me it is always a mystery how sunscreen, but they work, at least all the ones I’ve managed to borrow. And instance from RMK is not an exception. It protects the skin from UV exposure, it was tested in the summer in Moscow and the sea.


Sunscreen not only protects the skin but not hurting her. It does not clog pores, is very comfortable to apply and under makeup, does not cause rashes and does not irritate the micro-inflammations on the skin. After chemical peels or mechanical cleaning of the face sunscreen quite comfortable to apply to “broken skin”, there is no discomfort, and leave the skin without any SPF protection in such cases would be inhumane.


There is only one minus — it is rare, but aptly, after applying sunscreen can watering eyes. And this happens not every time but periodically. No itching, burning, just a little tearing. In principle, there are in my lifetime sunscreen without such errors, but significantly, this fact does not bother me.

Biotherm Biosource 24h Hydrating & Softening Toner

Life without the tonic is no longer life. It is a conduit between the stages of cleansing and moisturizing the skin, and I often use tonics under a moisturizing mask. To apply them immediately to the tonic doubly enjoyable.


This time I decided to take the toner Biotherm as something quite a while did not take anything out of the range brand. Well, in principle, the requirements here were minimal.


Tonic perfectly softens the skin, moisturizes it, its comfortable can be used as the mask, as I wrote above, and after purifying masks or peels to remove the possible feeling of tightness on the skin and irritation. It fits well on any follow-up care, whether it is serum or cream immediately. The skin after applying the tonic fresh and soft. It does not cause any discomfort and is very economical consumption thanks to the dosing pump.

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The following two products without which I can not imagine summer in Moscow — moisturizing light cream for the body and drops for children.

This summer I chose light moisturizer GMT Beauty Expecting Moisturizing&Calming Body Cream. I have long been familiar with almost all tools for body care by this brand and especially love the body butter that I have always in stock in large banks. This cream is shown in the line for pregnant women, but when it stopped?)))) I needed a good moisturizer, has a light texture. And with a choice I was not mistaken. This cream remarkably moisturizes dry skin, nourishes it, he quickly absorbed and leaves no feeling of the films on the skin. Unfortunately, at the moment the tool I have already finished and are planning to upgrade, so it came to me.


But even better, this cream worked well together in the duet with drops for tanning Clarins Corps-Body Radiance-Plus Golden Glow Booster. These drops are probably familiar to everyone. If it is not possible to travel before the summer season to the sea and to magic tan, these drops work wonders and will make it easy to go without tights and bluish legs in the city. Drops should be used by adding to the cream, about 5-6 drops for a single application on one body part, for example, on the Shin. That is, the foot goes where the 20 drops. With such a consumption of 1 bottle are enough for me for 1.5 months of almost daily use.


Tanner kept long enough. With drawing there is no problem, with proper and qualitative distribution on the skin it falls flat and no spots. Quickly absorbed into the skin and leaves no residue on clothes. The hands should be quickly washed with soap and water after application, otherwise it will be painted with stains.

Farm Stay It’s Real Collagen Gel Mist

Misto and sprays for the face as a product this year firmly entrenched in my life since I are unable to accustom themselves to the thermal water, but the spray approached me more. In the spring I ran out of MAC and for a change I took the Korean mist with collagen. He has a very interesting texture. Inside the bottle, the tool seems to be a dense gel with bubbles. Before applying the bottle shake well and spray mist on the skin.

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The tool quickly absorbed into the skin, has a pleasant aroma, perfectly moisturizes and refreshes the skin. I wear this product fits in a handbag, as the summer was quite hot and a couple times a day I apply it on the skin over makeup. Also, the product can be applied under purifying mask.



And finally, a very important mask — cloth, which I often use in the warm season. I always buy cloth masks everywhere meet. Often in supermarkets, home order. Actually tried a bunch of different manufacturers and even as it was planning a big review of it on a fabric mask, but apparently was quite lazy 🙂


Brand Eunyul I know for a long time, another line of skin care and I tried a wonderful mask with foil to create the thermal effect. And I really liked it, so I decided to continue the acquaintance with fabric masks brand. Here I have two Natural Moisture Mask Pack Snail and Pearl, that is a moisturizing mask with snail extract and pearl.

In its action both masks are almost identical — adequate tissue surface is well saturated work extract is a serum that you need to keep on the skin for 20 minutes, then either to wash or to massage the remnants into the skin. I usually wash.



As we can see is identical, differ only in extracts of snails and pearls.

First fabric mask not just the pleasant things and tools are really handy for travel, whether it is a business trip, vacation or any short-term absence when you do not want to take a lot of care with them. Secondly, they are so concentrated that literally 20 minutes perfectly moisturize, nourish, relieve swelling and redness and tighten the skin and make it look presentable.

And of course this is a special private high just to distribute a fabric mask and lie. To step back for a while from problems. Very helpful 🙂

Of course, this is not basic care, which I have, but those are the products that I usually do not emit in the reviews, but without which can not do. Do you have Pets?

Your Nadya

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