What is the smell of the New year? – find out on the perfume show

December 23, Russian Toilet Community toilet held an exhibition-fair of Russian perfumers and the fragrances of the contest “The smell of the New year?”

Perfumers specially prepared competition works, some made them their own subscribers in Instagram (I also answered the question with what I associate New year :).

The exhibition oganesovna vote, all guests could participate and choose the most flavor. Further, the counting of votes was named the winner.

The interest in the contest has significantly warmed up the article Matthew Wdowa on Fragrantica, where he gave their assessment of the flavors. And not only evaluation, but concise names, because the entries were just numbered.

An article from Matthew was bright, sharp and sometimes caustic, particularly in terms of the aroma 21.

And I once again saw that the PR black does not happen because almost everyone who approached the table of the vote, the first thing I asked the aroma of 21, and then began to argue with the review Wdowa: “no, well, Not ashtray is… Well, Russian bath, steamed broom…” πŸ™‚

It is expected… the aroma of the 21 won one of the prizes. :)))))

For those who read the article Udova and intrigued, I’ll give a list of authors of competitive works at the end of the review.

And the winners list will be.

The third place took four.

Acidica perfumes Hugge New Year (Elena Markov), job number 1

Ixygon Perfume White snow (Sergey Ixigo), work No. 4

Michele Bianchi Vertep (Michele Bianchi), work room 10

Karaseva Perfume Studio Cannabis Cap (Anna Karaseva), 21 πŸ™‚

Second place

Esquisse parfum Mandarine et Herbs (Marina Volkova), work room 13

Recently, I wrote about Marina and the flavor, it’s wonderful, I fully agree with such a high rating from visitors.

The first place

Evoy Winter cherry (Tatiana Naumova), work No. 12

For me, this brand is quite new, I don’t know what to say except that the scent is the winner is truly wonderful. I took some samples and will write about Tatiana and her fragrances in the first place. Yet the victory in the competition β€” it’s a beautiful statement about yourself! πŸ™‚

The beginning of the exhibition was scheduled for 13:00, and guests began to gather almost immediately.

It was pretty crowded, but due to the large area of tightness is not felt.

In addition, with each new exhibition the exhibitors are going to meet each other and guests and all the mothers belong to the most scarce at such events β€” air. πŸ™‚

This time almost all the participants of the demonstration put capacity for testing of fragrances and very little splashed on battery. In the end, until the very end, until 19:00, the air is clean.

And it was very important, because someone was in a hurry to the exhibition after work and came (resorted) half an hour before closing.

Information sponsor of the event this time were Fragrantica, and I must say, this was reflected in the audience. There were a lot of bloggers, photographed, shot video, did live for Instagram. I think at the exhibitions “Spring perfume” and “Day perfume” was more than those who enjoys perfume, and writes about it.

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However, in General people have learned that perfume exhibition is interesting and profitable. I’ve seen some authors came customers almost with a predetermined shopping list. And it’s popularity! The Russian perfumers such manifestations I was incredibly pleased!

The organizer of this exhibition was made by the Russian Perfumery and community in the face of Sergei Oxygona (in contrast to the above-mentioned “Spring perfume” and “day of the perfumer”), among the participants were new faces, which is always mega exciting.

Familiar the authors were attracted and amazed with their innovations πŸ™‚

Sergey Ixigo, the initiator and organizer of the exhibition, presented its brand Ixygon Perfume.

Unlike most niche brands, emphasizing the unisex fragrance, Sergei a clear distinction between women’s and men’s collection. And I especially want to mention is men’s fragrances, different in style, but all very interesting, bright, charismatic.

Andrey Oleynikov, perfumer since 1982 (!!!!!), brand Myropol

Andrei has a fairly large collection (of course!), I listened and I enjoyed it. It’s all different, but all understandable and accessible. In the women’s collection lot floral aromas medium-bodied, feminine and romantic. The men’s collection has a fairly strong leather and glasses with character. But overall, this brand is about a man, about the fact that bouquet to use it πŸ™‚ Not art for art’s sake.

Valeria Karmanova Odoratika finally arrived in Moscow in person!

Valeria brought their krasivoye bottles and miniatures for about 5 years, I Must say, many artists went to meet the collector’s interest of the audience and made small volumes for sale.

Valeria also made the attraction of unprecedented generosity, bottles can be bought for 3,000 rubles, and miniatures for 900 RUB Typically the bottles she has are 4200-4800 RUB.

The bottles are bought. I grabbed the only copy of “On the banks of the Nile…” and revel in this germanici… More like “Reflection” and “Dreams of Dryads… and 9 chrysanthemums”… and…

Pleasantly surprised me with the aroma of “Aspasia” β€” blackcurrant with mint, spring and summer refreshing. A miracle.

Valery promised in the spring to be at the salon VAST. Check out all the fun πŸ™‚ I really like Odoratika, and I want to bestow all these flavors :)))

Michele Bianchi, Italian and perfume πŸ™‚

This author not only I love it is fairly widely known and popular. Usually its flavors fall in love immediately and irrevocably. And he’s a sly one, I must say, he studied the mysterious soul of a Russian woman, got me there. This time he said: “Russian women love the flavors stronger”. And Michele hones on us the magic influence of the Oud πŸ™‚

UD invigorates, however, awakens the masculine part of our nature, and without it, a galloping horse does not stop, into a burning house not to enter the contract on beneficial terms to enter into… Not to live in Russia, a woman without a UDA :))))

Just kidding, of course, have a matron of honor Michele and Jasmine, fruity and romantic White nights, and the draft another feminine floral fragrance. But his Udy constant bestseller.

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Marina Volkova Esquisse Parfum and Mandarin, won the honorable second place!

Watercolor flavors, about which I wrote recently. The exhibition came my friend and fell in love with the flavors of the Marina, said the author eventually took a Tangerine πŸ™‚

Honestly, everyone who tried this scent, in love with him πŸ™‚

I want to note the strong commercial aspect of the question Esquisse Parfum. Fialky, samples with sprayer miniature 5 ml, 10 ml, vials of the three volumes… discounts, a generous exhibition proposal… it is Very difficult to leave without buying πŸ™‚

I grabbed 5 ml Soleil Noir, watercolor spices, admired in his review. And novelties in the collection…

Ladania, perfume house of Pauline Poplevina

Ladadika as usual with staggeringly beautiful bottles and novelties from new sponsors. Andrei Oleinikov did “waltz of the flowers” for Ladanyi, Marina Volkova, “the Garnet bracelet”. Valeria Karmanova makes for a lot of songs, another novelty β€” “Northern lights”.

Beautiful project from beautiful concept and a Russian soul. And very nice bottles. I haven’t had time to stories to upload photos with bottles, I immediately fell in direkt letter: “Faith, what are these vials? Where to buy?” πŸ™‚

OsmoGenes Olga Hasinai β€” another very beautiful mark.

Olga always an excellent exhibition design, theme and reflecting the fragrances of the brand at the same time. This bouquet of roses and trees reminded me of Christmas at the same time the theme of the exhibition, the triumph of the moment and one of my favorite novelties of the brand β€” the fragrance “rose provocateur.”

Olga has recently completed training from the masters of perfumery in Paris and promises to please us with the new “carnival night” made the best French tradition πŸ™‚ we Wait-with.

Tatiana Gorbaneva TanGo

Tatiana showed two new fragrance “Edelweiss” and “new year”. The first is the very soft, and the second Tatiana did in explanation of the views and wishes of his audience of Instagram. I wanted to compose a festive and bright, positive charging. And for my taste, she succeeded. I will write about “new year’s” alone πŸ™‚

And again I want to mention stupefying “Sherry time” and smoked rose “Smokie rose” πŸ™‚

Catherine Siordia

Another exposure, from which it is difficult to leave without buying: samples, miniatures, different bottles…

Catherine tries new things, changing the handwriting. Of the latter, I strongly resonated Mimosas and Bakst. And anyway, I have collected more samples from the past events, I will write a separate review.

Acidica Perfumes Elena Markova

Familiar from the previous fairs mark, an indie perfumery on natural ingredients. But the last collection she uses and synthetic ingredients, expands the range of possibilities.

Aroma Hygge New Year took third place in the contest! Congratulations!

Daria Verzilina and El Agua Viva Perfume

Daria does mostly individual flavors and also offers a flavorful bars where you can try different notes and collect your scent.

But there stamps small collection of ready-made flavors for sale.

Just note exceptionally beautiful packaging. Identified flavors of Agua del Sol Agua de Pasion. I will write about them separately.

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Amaranta Olga Avdeeva

Formally, Olga is not quite the Russian perfumer, because he lives and works in Tallinn. But in Russia, the more developed the theme of individual perfumes, the authors are more in demand. Olga was involved in the project Ladadika aroma “Firebird”, it happens at exhibitions in Saint-Petersburg. And this is the second time in Moscow, involved in Novelty Salon FIFI 2018.

Olga is a very feminine fragrance, created for women. Harmonious, balanced. Different directions, but all beautiful and delicate.

My favorites Amber wings, Queen, rainbow, Mysterious forest. I will write a separate post about Amaranta, Olga and these fragrances πŸ™‚

Lyric Julia Korikovoy

Completely new to me brand, at first glance, with very feminine handwriting. I like floral and floral-fruity composition… took a Picture of the bottles, took all the samples I can study and write.

Photo is called “find Yulia” πŸ™‚

Evoy Tatiana Naumova

Tatyana β€” the author of the very Winter cherry, which won first place in the contest!

Also know very little about the brand, know more about Tatiana πŸ™‚ If interested, Evoy can be found in the contact.

I’m also going to explore, probe and write about the brand. I will write in the first place, because winning the competition is a strong statement of the author πŸ™‚

Anna Karaseva and Karaseva Perfume Studio

Anna is the author of competitive aroma room 21, which is so toxic walked Yudov πŸ™‚

I must say that brand specific, the flavors are strong and thick. Compositions for sophisticated users who are looking for something special. These flavors require special understanding.

For myself, I noted the Jealousy, despite the name, the fragrance is warm and Sunny. As explained by Anna β€” white envy here πŸ™‚

The holiday was ended with champagne and a group photo πŸ™‚

Me personally, the idea of the contest flavors seemed a gamble, I hope it will become a tradition πŸ™‚

A big thank you to the organizers, participants and guests of the exhibition!

This event became a beautiful chord, finishing in 2018. For the passing year in the world of the Russian perfume, there have been 10 events of different scale and different geography.

Grow, develop… Hope that 2019 will be even richer Parfum event πŸ™‚


According to tradition my puhastuse added to the collection πŸ™‚

And plans reviews, of course. Though, about something I wrote.

P. S. the List of contest works

  • Markova Elena Hydde New Year
  • Siordia Catherine Wild Forest
  • Sokolova M. Asterisk
  • Ixigo Sergey White snow
  • Shishov D. Winter Rose
  • Postnikova E. 12 no 5
  • Valeria Karmanova Buche de Noel
  • Ladadika. Northern lights.
  • Dempsey G. Reves d’ete (dreams of summer)
  • Bianchi Michele Vertep
  • Yulia khorkova 5 minutes
  • Naumova Tatyana Winter cherry
  • Volkova Marina Mandarine et Herbs
  • Olga Avdeeva Lights
  • Glitch Alexander Caramel charcoal
  • Hasina Olga Christmas in Paris
  • Oleinikov, Andrew Noel
  • Verzilina Daria Chocolate gift
  • Gorbaneva Tatiana Christmas Blues
  • Levada I. Thaw
  • Karasev Anna Cannabis Cap
  • Thank you for your attention to my review!

    I’m Vera πŸ™‚

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