What it depends on nail growth and how to speed it up

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On average, nails grow at the rate of 1-1,5 mm per week, but this process depends on many factors.

Toenails grow slower than on the hands. What is the reason, uncertain – most experts believe that this is due to blood flow, as well as the fact that the hands are more prone to microtrauma and therefore the fingernails grow faster due to more intensive regeneration processes. It is known that in women, nails grow about 20% faster than men. With age, the rate of nail growth slows.

Growth of nails depends on the season and climate. Studies show that in the warm season nails grow faster. Accelerates the growth and abundance of sunlight. Cloudy in the offseason and cold winter nails slow growth.

More influence on the growth of the nails having the food and water balance. The lack of moisture nails become more fragile and brittle, and their growth is slowing. The same is observed when there is insufficient amount in the diet of all essential vitamins, minerals, proteins and fats. With a shortage of nutrients not only slows down the growth of nails, but also significantly suffers their appearance. Nails can change color, crumble, deform.

The nails, above all, necessary proteins, calcium, amino acids and fatty acids. So, if you want to grow strong nails, you need to pay attention to your diet only if you have enough?

To strengthen your nails using special tools, which are now very much. At home recommended salt and oil baths. In warm water in quantity, so you can put there the fingertips, you need to dissolve a tablespoon of salt and/ or add oil. You can use olive, peach, almond, Flaxseed and other nourishing oil. Before you do the bath, it is necessary to clean the nails from varnish or other coatings.

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