What to buy from the beauty line Kylie Jenner: 5 best remedies

Kylie Jenner

Today, August 10, Kylie Jenner turned 21. The youngest of the Kardashian clan, Jenner was able to build my own beauty Empire: over the 18 months of its existence, the brand Kylie Cosmetics brought in 420 million dollars (for comparison, Bobbi Brown earned his first billion quarter-century). SPLETNIK.RU learned the whole range of the brand and found out that should order online or ask a friend to bring from abroad.

Liquid matte lipsticks and liners (about 2 500 rubles per set)

The star products of the brand, which, without exaggeration, a deal like hotcakes. Judging by the numerous reviews online, the lipstick is intensely pigmented, resistant (can be erased unless a two-phase medium or product), while it is easy to apply and does not dry lips thanks to the moisturising ingredients.

The brush, which was so complained about in the beginning, finally perfected. We like nodoby shade Khlo$ (named, as you guessed, in honor of his sister Kylie Chloe), perfect wine Boujee and soft pink Angel. And here’s the icing on the cake — each lipstick is sweet and appetizing aroma.

Liquid eyeshadow Glitter Eyes (about 1 500 roubles)

Liquid eye shadow from the holiday collection, Kylie dedicated her birthday is love from the first sight. They went in three new shades: pink, olive and wine-purple. Distributed convenient applicator, like lip gloss — shade can directly with your fingers. At durability comparable with Eye Tint, Giorgio Armani (about them on the net is legendary). They are good both solo and as a basis under the usual pressed shadow. Sparkle and shimmer like a discus thrower, so shine bright!

Set shimmers / highlighters The Wet Set (about 4 000)

For that year, is the perfect matte skin trend glow — highlighted cheekbones with the effect of gym skin (if you just came in from a run). Palette The Wet Set is four shades: silver, champagne, rose gold, bronze and champagne gold. Want the perfect cheekbones for a selfie like Kylie Jenner — you know what to do. Alas, the tool is not very stable, and have during the day to refresh my makeup a few times. But the effect is worth it.




Concealer Skin Concealer (1 300 rubles)

Toners are in the range of brands yet, but there’s a great concealer, that will safely hide the traces of sleepless nights and rashes, redness or freckles (don’t believe in his covering ability, view the tutorial Kylie Jenner makeup). It is ideal for dry skin and does not clog in the wrinkles under the eyes.

In the palette 30 shades, any color will be find as snow white, and mulatto. To remedy lay down uniformly and more thinly, do not apply it with a brush, and byteblastermv. By the way, unlike many of their counterparts, the concealer does not oxidize, so in the evening you will not notice any orange potona. Makeup artists suggest to use for around the eye area remedy with light-reflecting formula for a lighter tone of your skin (it will add an extra glow) — Skin Concealer exactly like this.

Eyeliner Eyeliner Pot (930 rubles)

If you (like us) finally got tired of the boring black arrow, look at the color connections. This summer, you definitely need yellow. Eyeliner color Eyeliner Pot chicken is a bright, intense and persistent. Get ready to have time to do eye makeup for a couple of minutes, because the eyeliner dries very quickly and correct the line then it will be problematic (will help only a means for removing waterproof make-up). Apply it over eye shadow (you can be sure she will not be rolled up) and layering as many times as you want.

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