What to do when the nails need to grow very quickly? (post-poll)

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Frankly, the problem of the nails bothers me acutely. In childhood (and teen years) I nagged, then short cut. Manicure I like it, but to wear it due to various circumstances it was not possible. In the end I have short and ugly nails, not suitable for the manicure) and then came the moment when you really need a decent nails, fast. The Internet I searched, I need advice of knowledgeable people…

That can be used to significantly accelerate the growth of nails? Some effective tools that you or people you personally know, used and achieved the desired result. And how would lentisco as it may sound, but the bath/poultice/herbal teas — all this is absolutely no time. Something ready and simple to use.

Thank you)

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