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Permanent makeup continues to gain popularity – this is a great way to look good while saving time and money.

Many believe that permanent makeup is the same as tattooing. But actually there is a difference. When tattooing pigment is injected to a depth of 1-1,5 mm, of paint most commonly used are the same as for the tattoos. This allows longer to keep it. Permanent makeup is applied to a depth of 0.8 mm, using natural dyes.

Permanent makeup lasts around two years, high-quality application and use of good colors, it needs to gradually become more pale. If you change the color, such as black eyebrow become blue, it was probably used substandard materials. Normal this should not be.

If the result does not suit you, you can do the removal with a laser or “block” the other makeup pigment. But experts advise to resort to laser, since the application of the new pigment on top of the old can lead to unpredictable results. And to avoid this, you need to carefully consider the choice of the master colors.

Permanent makeup is applied using a special device and procedure causes pain. Experts do not recommend to resort to pain management in some areas, as may occur with swelling, which will significantly complicate the work of a master, and lead to unplanned results. Therefore it is better to suffer a little bit – experienced craftsman applies makeup quickly, and the pain will go away immediately.

Permanent makeup can look unnatural, if that was chosen is too bright or the wrong pigments. Experienced master always advise shades, but the choice still remains with the client – if you want bright red lips, be prepared for the consequences.

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