When I bought a tool the child and mother fell in love and wasted all on myself – Baby bath oil Petit&Jolie

Ah, how nice to relax after a busy day, relax in the warm bathroom, especially in the fall, in this dank time of the off-season, and out of the bathroom does not get out)

What do you add to a bath?

I always have sea salt, essential oils and special oils for the bathroom.

And today I’ll tell you about the butter, which I just crazy.

Bought his kid a, but almost all wasted on yourself)

Baby bath oil Petit&Jolie.

Love this organic brand of children’s cosmetics from the Netherlands, created his moms for their kids is an all — natural and fully safe and short formulations (eco-certificate BDIH), cheerful packaging and a pleasant sweet flavors.

Already wrote once about their body lotion, I decided to take a and the butter.

You can just open the top lid, and add the oil to the eye in the bathroom under running water.

Either Unscrew the cap, and do as the instructions 1-2 capfuls per bath. I add at least 2, more often three.

Butter hydrophilic, dissolves well in warm water, turns into a white emulsion. The water becomes white, like milk added.

Aroma of sweet candy, just takes me somewhere in the country of bubble gum and cupcake. But the flavor is not cloying, chemical and so warm, cozy and soulful. In the tool, no synthetic fragrances, essential oils are used.

Oil well emulgiruet with water, cleanses without disturbing the lipid layer, skin care.

This oil is the perfect complement for cold weather, when the skin is dry from heating the house, and from the cold on the street. After a bath with this oil is so pleasant to wrap yourself in a fluffy Bathrobe and pour yourself a Cup of tea! Mmmm….

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Than hydrophilic oil better than vegetable? And the fact that oil is then not staying on your bathroom, you have less chance of slipping and do not then ottirat bath with detergent.

If dissolved oil in the bathroom, you can not opolaskivaetsya. Greasy film after this bathing, the skin is left. The skin is soft, well-groomed, moisturized, velvety. Even in winter the skin is no longer dry after water.

The oil can be used for cleansing the skin of the body. First, we take a portion of the oil in the palm, drip the few drops of water. The oil turns into a milk to apply as on dry and on wet skin, slightly massage and rinse. Cleansing is very gentle, and if you want to scrub the skin to skip, it will not work, of course. Foam here at all. The oil turns into an emulsion in contact with water.

I also like to add it to your bath for hands before manicures.

In General, a universal oil with good composition and fits both kids and moms.

For dry and sensitive skin especially recommended.


Glycerin, sunflower oil, hybrid*, polyglyceryl-5 oleate, fragrance from natural essential oils, extract of rosemary leaf*, sunflower seed oil.

*biological cultivation

Does not contain parabens, synthetic dyes and preservatives, Soaps (alkalis, alkaline ingredients).

Price: 870 RUB 200 ml.

Period of use: jar lasts for 10 full baths (if you use for a child, it is possible to add). And another vanucci for hands are enough)

Rating: 5.

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