When the “hype” is justified Enough Collagen Moisture Foundation SPF 15 in shade 13

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This Foundation for me was a mystery — every second shop in Instagram calls it “a hit”, it is praised by bloggers and makeup artists, with reviews of ordinary buyers is very small, and they are all very positive. Brand while not known to anyone, and if I’m not mistaken, besides tone and powder produces nothing. This raises the question, isn’t it? We will investigate.

Buying this cream was very spontaneous: walking around town, went to one of the stores of Korean cosmetics. I long ago fell in love with Korean BB creams, and just turned to the counselor with a request to show me something new. The counselor, knowing my preferences, immediately handed me a tester. I admit I didn’t expect to see it in offline selling and was intrigued. Armed with a damp cloth, I wiped the makeup off one cheek. I always just check the tone of strength, from alcohol impregnation wipes and friction in my make usually formed by the red hole, and every tone can cover up this mess. When I applied it — I was stunned, my cheeks were equally calm tone, despite the fact that on the second cheek was Catrice HD foundation. And in coverage — it’s hard to compete with. It is necessary to take I decided.

To begin with — began to look for what it says about the manufacturer:

Moisturizing cream with collagen Enough Moisture Foundation SPF15 Collagen for improved skin firmness and elasticity. The Foundation has quite a light, natural coverage, does not dry the skin and gives the face a healthy glow. The tool helps to disguise any imperfections: acne, redness, pigmentation and enlarged pores.
The composition includes collagen and hyaluronic acid and beta glucan and Centella Asiatic.

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On the packaging a full ingredients I could not find, therefore make the one that I found on the Internet:

Water , Cyclotetrasiloxane, Titanium Dioxide, Caprylic / capric triglyceride, glycerin, butyleneglycol, cetyl PEG / PPG 101 dimethicone, sorbitan sesquioleate, dimethiconeVinyl dimethicone crosspolymer, dimethicone, ozokerite, sodium chloride, stearalkonium hector zolite, magnesium aluminum silicate, yellow iron oxide, phenoxyethanol, red iron oxide, black iron oxide, fragrance, triethoxycaprylyl Silane, water soluble collagen 0.1%, betaine, betaglucan, Centella asiatica leaf extract, sodium hyaluronate

These creams I am using for three months and you can make the following conclusions:

Packing: as cheap as possible — it’s just a bottle with a lid made of thin plastic, which was difficult to shut and was lost a week after use. The dispenser is working properly — I to the entire face with only two taps.

Volume: 100 ml is not met Foundation with the volume. This is probably one of the reasons why he loves makeup artists.

Fragrance: the cream is quite pronounced smell of Jasmine, for some it can be a disadvantage, because the smell is quite intense, but it quickly disappears. To me it is, in principle, not annoying and after a week of use, I stopped to notice it.

The texture of the cream is liquid, but does not spread and holds its shape.Here cream feathered on hand and you can appreciate how he is able to adapt.

Shades: there are only two: 13 and 21. Unlike BB creams Missha company, 13th tone is not so bright, so Frank Whitey is unlikely to be suitable. My skin is fairly light, and the lightest shade too dark for me, so to avoid the contrast with the neck, I have to render it. But in fairness I will say that the shade slightly merges with the skin tone and has the right undertone, good masking redness. In General, according to its properties, the cream is more like BB than classical tone.

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compared to other BB and Foundation

Texture: the most elegant, that is in this cream. It is quite liquid, spreads easily with his hands and sits perfectly. Does not emphasize pores, flaking. Due to the slightly sticky texture, which is then absorbed by the shrinkage of the cream, it’s like she is glued to the skin, emphasizing the topography. Cover-average, easily layered.Possible, significant weaknesses, it will not block, but with small pimples and redness to cope fine.

Very honest photos without makeup, where in all its glory, traces of picking your small inflammation, redness and the blueness under the eyes.Here applied only to the tone, eyelashes and eyebrows.And here is another added concealer under eyes, blusher and lip pencil.Merciless close-up.Macro after

I compared this tone at the beginning of lent with Catrice HD — Yes, on the degree of coverage they are similar, but in contrast, collagen has a satin finish. If you compare with other “Koreans” — it is less shiny and more resistant and opaque than Missha Signature Real Complete, Elizavecca Milky Piggy, more radiant than Missha Perfect Cover, Holika Holika clearing, and better blends with the skin and less noticeable. Most of the finish is reminiscent of the Secret key Snail Repair bb, but inferior in terms of coverage. It does not greasy on the skin, but for oily skin and for photo shoots — this is probably not the best option. But every day is a great way to make beautiful and vibrant makeup. I was with him quite a bit of blush and concealer under the eyes, and do not want to overload the skin with sculptors and aliterate.

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Durability: worthy is held in the morning and before make-up remover. Maybe a little will increase Shine, decrease the density of the coating, but the cream floats, does not form the holes, not stressed and not going into wrinkles. Removed effortlessly micellar water, lotion or gel.

Effect on the skin: the cream does not dry, and even softens the skin. I use it every day and have not noticed that it was aggravated by problems with the skin, meaning it does not clog pores and not provoke inflammation.

Summarizing, I can say that while I cream more than satisfied. I like sleek and lively finish that it provides, like durability and density. Relative disadvantages include the “non-luxury” packaging and flavor, but I honestly don’t care. And considering the price and the volume, strange to require something else. But the lack of lighter shade still makes me look at other tone.

Cost: 900 rubles.

Testing period: 3 months

Rating: 5

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