Why do I have cracked heels?

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Hardened skin on the heels is a problem faced by every woman. Often to deal with cracks and calluses don’t help neither national nor expensive professional tools. What could be the reason?

According to experts, one of the most common causes of cracks and rough skin on heels is a fungal disease. We used to think that the fungus necessarily cause itching or manifests itself in other special symptoms. But this is not true – microorganisms can parasitize on the skin almost without causing you any discomfort. Their development actively contributes to the shoes, socks and tights of synthetic materials which aren’t breathable and moist environment.

Also frequently the appearance of cracks on the heels associated with overweight and mismatched shoes. When the pressure on the foot increases the orthopedic shoes or insoles redistribute the weight. Otherwise there is an increased load on the ankle, and this leads to deformation of tissues. The same process occurs if there are problems with the foot or they arise due to other diseases such as varicose veins, diabetes. In this case, you need to address the causes, and it is also very important to choose comfortable shoes.

By the way, uncomfortable shoes, can itself be the cause of cracked heels. Good shoes don’t have to press, to RUB and to deliver other inconveniences. Ideally it will have ventilation, but this option is unlikely to go for winter.

Another fairly common group of problems is connected with lack of vitamins or hormonal disorders. The cracked heels often leads to lack of vitamins A and E. with regard to hormonal disorders, the list is very extensive – in particular, with cracked heels very often faced by pregnant women and women during menopause.

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