Why doesn’t your cream: the most common mistakes when applying

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The main objective of any face cream – hydration, nutrition and the fight against fine wrinkles. But sometimes there are situations when even the most expensive cream can not cope with the problems. Offer you to understand what the most common mistakes women do when applying the tools.

Many women keep creams and other cosmetics in principle, it is thus possible to extend the shelf life. But in contact of cold remedies with the skin, the effectiveness of creams becomes below several times. So, get the right jars for about an hour before use. And so began to work even harder, before applying to warm it with your fingers.

Sometimes the problem lies in the insufficient cleansing of the skin. There are times when the pores on your face are clogged up so deep that the foam or gel cleanser can not efficiently handle. In this case, it can help the micellar water – it contains particles,micelles that thoroughly cleanse the skin. The cream will be much more effective if you apply it on clean, but better – steamed skin.

If you prefer organic remedies, it is important to remember the following point. In such cosmetics do not contain preservatives. And if you scoop the cream from the jar with your fingers – begins the chemical reaction between the components of the product and bacteria from hands. Thus, the initial composition of the cream changes. So, use spatula or brush.

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