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For a very long time I was sure that the shadow quality is much more important than what they are applied. I’m not talking about hands that have the right to grow, I’m talking about the brush.

It seemed to me that it’s just that there are soft and therefore more comfortable, is more prickly. But, as usual, is more complicated.

Compare 4 brushes: Zoeva 227 rastokina, Chikuhodo Z-5, 10, and 11. Let me emphasize: I’m not comparing their quality, only a result of the application of the shadows.

Take the dark shade with a slight shimmer, so it will be clearer, I think. I struck at the hand base and narisovala few swatches using different brushes. By the way, time speech about switchh: I always paint the most densely Packed brush so that the color was richer.

Here’s what happened:

Don’t know about you, but I was amazed: the shadows alone, but the result is different. From left to right shadows were applied by brush Chikuhodo Z10, Z11, Z 5 and Zoeva 227.

The first brush — pencil Z10 from blue squirrel I wrote about her in past times. very cool, for the lower eyelid is just perfect.

Knows how to make a beautiful smooth line, not carapau the eyelid. However, none Chikuhodo to scratch anyone, they are wonderful.

The second line is the brush Z11 — new in the line and she’s the coolest in my entire collection. It is a small torch, with a perfect balance of density and fluffiness. I can totally draw her whole eye makeup, it causes the shadows so that douchivat just not necessary.

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The entire shimmer do not fall off the path from the palette to the face, and quite finds a place on the century. Here’s a look:

The third number is one of my favorites — Chikuhodo Z-5. She has a form of a petal, it is tightly assembled, with it you can shade, if you rotate an edge.

Deals shadow smooth a rich layer gives all the pigment without smearing it around.

Another brush that is different from other about everything: pile, shape and quality. However, for the cost a very good option, but worse than the MAC 217.

But I do not know, and that’s the difference in application with the rest of the brushes still there. Brush rastokina, so tightly her shade difficult. Fluffy pile carries it around, but not so subtly, as does Z 11. In addition, the pile goats not so smooth, like a squirrel, so the pigment remains on the brush, and the circle may also crumble.

I hope I’m a little unable to convey the difference in the application of eyeshadow)

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