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From 2 to 4 April in Paris is an international trade fair In-cosmetics, Global 2019. Yesterday were announced the winners of the annual award for the best achievements in the cosmetic industry.

The judges this year have shown a special interest in the ingredients used in care cosmetics as well as components that support the trend of sustainable development. Separate attention was paid to texture – sensory powders, emulsifiers and other texturization.

Nominated Rising Star Award – “Rising star”

Winner: Vitalab, who presented = Vita Rosalience , anti-aging active ingredient developed on the basis of Japanese rose and is designed to stimulate collagen synthesis and energize the skin. According to the judges, Vitalab showed “incredible range”, “best innovation”.

Nomination Green Ingredient Award “Environmentally safe”ingredient

III place – Vitalab, NutriVita
II place – Lumicrease blue, Lipotec; Skinhairgium, Laboratoires Expanscience
First place – Re-Shape PRCF, Vytrus Biotech

All the technology, nominated for Green Ingredient Award were launched at least two years ago that gave time to assess their impact on the creation of environmental and social sustainability. In particular, the winner Sarcoslim Re-shape designed to increase the energy of cell metabolism to reduce fat while simultaneously tightening tissue and improving skin structure.

Nomination Sensory Bar Award – “Touch solutions”

III place – Aqupec MG N40R, Sumitomo Seika
II place – Adeka NOL GT-730 & GT 930 Thixotropic Gel Memory, Adeka Europe GmbH
I place – Sensorial Journey with Orgasol Powders, Arkema

Product Sensorial Journey with Orgasol Powders were selected from the category Sensory Bar dedicated to innovative sensor developments. For this product the company Arkema has created ultradispersed powders to transform the consumer’s sense of beauty. Spheroidal form of powders designed to ensure the spreading of cosmetics for the skin feeling velvety and powdery coatings for easy application, control sebum and gloss, the best delivery and optical effects.

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Nomination Make-Up Bar Award – “makeup”

III place – Intenza Glitter Effects, Sun Chemical
II place – Cameleoncaps, Tagra
I place – 100% Natural or Innovative Textures!, Daito Kasei Europe

Daito Kasei Europe managed to win first place in this category, thanks to its exclusive texture, which was highlighted by the judges.

The Innovation Zone Awards nomination – “innovation Zone”

Active ingredients

III place – Darkenyl, Givaudan Active Beauty
II place – Look Oléoactif, Hallstar
I place – Olea Vitae PLF, Vytrus Biotech

The winner Olea Vitae PLF was reported to have won over the judges an interesting effect, “more demands” and high efficiency. This ingredient restores Mature skin, causing the resumption of the activity of cells that ensures a rejuvenating and firming effect, eliminates wrinkles.

Functional ingredients

III place – EMC30 PolymerExpert, CareMag D, Clariant
II place – InstaMask, Vantage Specialty Ingredients, Inc.
I place – Emulium Illustro, Gattefossé

Gattefossé is a natural ingredient was chosen for its high efficiency in the stabilization of cosmetic emulsions. Emulsifier of the type water-in-oil is mainly used in decorative cosmetics to create textures from a liquid to a thick, but can also be used in formulations for skin care and sunscreens.

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