Winter color Tofu. Tint the February snow which will soon melt :)

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One of my first Laurent. Similarly, I’ll start first: the winter of 2013, in my arms a couple of Mavala polishes, Orly and three pieces 4 Ciate, was discharged from London (online shopping, I think, was born with me 🙂 ). I just seems this is not enough. I already write on. but lucky still not interested, simply paint the nails. And here you see the Riva, Mimosa Nouvel. I act crazy, I have! Understand that I’m a bit late and quickly not buy them, it is necessary to look. OK, while I rejoice in the fact that in live. EL Swatch watch, YSL the list hotelok of the 8 varnishes. OK, go to the store, all my darlings. The mansion was worth and YSL Gris Deco. Still consider it one of the most beautiful brand.

Light grey, neutral. Pastel color with blue undertone and tiny silver shimmer, which gives depth and flair to this seemingly simple “semisotnov” tone. Light, airy, doesn’t look putty. Not krasnic hands, and makes them sophisticated.

The smallest shimmer can catch the manicure difficult, but in the sun catch you:

TKH varnish is impeccable, as always — the perfect cream that should be applied in 2 thin layers and to cover top. Brush standard paint itself.

In 6 years of owning varnish cannot fail to note its texture, it has remained the same as it was at the time of purchase. The consumption of lacquer (like all LIS) is catastrophic, but to be ecomaniacs is to have a decent collection, so the moment stretched on for years. He is the second or third ending my nails in all that time. The first, incidentally, was also the LIS — Blanc Symboliste

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Very seriously thinking about a double, while lucky brand is now very, very sad we have is, I would love it again!

Love YSL? What shades in favor?

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