Winter Sun. Soleil TOM FORD. Eye and cheek Palette. Winter 2018


You have happened that one time I saw a palette and all you want to can’t? And no bad or mixed reviews couldn’t stop? With me and it happened. I madly wanted her. First, in her shadow is a favorite in Nude Dip and Honeymoon texture. Second, blush and highlighter are clearly suitable for fair-skinned and with a baked texture, and the third is solar limitka, she’s so beautiful. And here, just on the eve of the New year, I received the coveted Winter Sun 2018. The question is, what will be the new make-up disappeared immediately.

I will warn in advance that under the cut a lot of photos, can’t stop to admire it.

The palette is packaged in a Golden cardboard box.

Inside the heavy white gold case with a magnet.

The brand name on the opener and cream velour trench coat to protect this beauty from scratches and damage.

Inside is a large mirror engraved with the brand name, two big refil with blush and highlighter and four square refil shadows.

Very beautiful combination of colors. The palette is very photogenic.

The photo conveys well the soul school colors and their brightness.

Take a closer look. Beautiful embossing and the brand logo adorns refile.

All four of refil shadow Mostovoy texture. So will Shine and sparkle in the eyes. Shimmer in tefilah not see, but the Shine is very obvious.

Blush dense, baked, frosted. In a neutral hue. What is necessary and are suitable for every.

Highlighter bright, but the shimmer in it is not seen, it’s so small.

Swatch all together. bottom-up blush and highlighter, then eyeshadow.

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For me blush is warmer — it is a feature of my skin. Pigmentation is great, your finger perfectly typed. But a soft brush is nothing to do here, because the baked texture is not amenable to soft fluffy. By the way, this texture works perfectly native blush brush Tom Ford. It just tightly Packed and easily picks up the product and when applied does not stain. Highlighter pale peach, bright but without the sequins. Despite the similar Rouge-embossing, it is easy to type soft tassels and perfectly polished. Gives glare without color, the texture of the skin no stress.

Blush and highlighter makeup. Even in bright daylight visible, the glow of cheeks. The blush on, I look more peach than refile. I admit that on the other skin can look more pink.

Under artificial lighting. If you enlarge the photo, you will see that no placer no sequins. Just a beautiful patch of light.

The shadows all have the same texture. In fact, in the palette, only one shade dark — gray-purple, the others light, even bronze.

The most spectacular — gray-purple. Depending on the lighting goes, then silver, then purple. The colorful tiny shimmer effect eye shadow wet. You can layer, you can blend into the haze.

Pale gold is a very light shade. But my skin shows it, and pale pink.

Bronze — a rich, bright hue. It reveals a beautiful gray-purple: begins to show more Magenta tone.

Pigmentation of the shadows is excellent. It even seemed to me that there is a pigmentation is higher than usual. Are transferred to the brush with the lightest touch and just move on to the eyelid. It does not dust and do not crumble.

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Well, now look at the makeup. Since the palette I had on the eve of new year’s eve, the first makeover was with her for the New year. From this it becomes clear why he was shot under artificial light.

Makeup is not used a bronze. At that time I was not very clear how to combine all four shades.

Photo blur to see the game manufacturers. The artificial lighting of several ate sirenevoj, making the shade more silver.

The second makeup more everyday.

The inner third of the eyes — pink, mid — grey, external corner of the eye — gray-purple. On the lower eyelid — bronze. A bright light in the photo ate the intensity of ottenkov, but even here you can see the difference between them.

In a General way with the highlighter and blush. Lipstick and mascara is also from Ford.

The third makeup — bronze Smokey using all the shades:

Gray-purple here is not gray.

In a General way with the use of all products samples.

Volume: 14g (presumably shadows at 1.5 g, blush and highlighter 4 g)

Production: Italy

Price: 150 $

Rating: 5 (well I like her still).

The palette is limited, but now available to purchase. I didn’t miss her, she’s wonderful.


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