With a micellar water fun – cleanses the skin two times faster! A comparison of two popular macellaro from the category “budget”

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Not long ago, the micellar water was kind of a novelty, but now without it, none of the fairer sex. Today I want to compare two popular micellar and share with you my impressions.

1. Micellar water Garnier Skin Naturals Micellar Cleansing Water for all skin types.

Yes, the same pink-bellied bottle, which is already fairly managed to promotility all eyes. At first I was very happy with her makeup washes away, what else do you need?

However, after a couple of uses I realized — something is wrong. After all, micellar water is a tool that does not require rinsing (literally quoting the text from the instructions for use). So why after removing makeup on my face feeling sticky soap scum?

I want to quickly run to the sink and wash yourself not the makeup, and this sticky, tightening the skin substance. Of course, I was left completely dissatisfied and now use this liquid to wipe the jars and bottles.


Price: 3.7$

Testing period: six months

Rating: 2

2. Micellar water Floral Clean Line 3 in 1.

This is from the category of “quite low” — cost of macellari almost 3 times cheaper than the aforementioned Garnier. To be honest, I wouldn’t even look her way if I didn’t put a thumbnail in a gift to purchase in store.

However, in action she was much better. After applying there is that awful stickiness, tightness and other uncomfortable feelings. I have no desire to quickly wash away all this mess.


Price: 1.5$

Testing period: 3 months

Rating: 5

Now a few words about the action — in principle, both micellar well remove makeup. The only — Garnier longer washes away the mascara takes a few times to clean the lashes, and then make the eyes pop, pop — and under them the black spots. And so 4-5 times. MEMBER cope with the mascara a few faster and better.

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Struck on a hand Swatch of cosmetics:

1. Pencil pencil Catrice

2. Mascara Vivienne Sabo Cabaret Premiere

3. Liquid matte lipstick-a Very True Nude Complimenti

Once lightly held on the skin by cotton pad:

Part of the pigment washed off, but the main part remained. Spend a cotton pad again:

Of course, the skin is washed off the makeup a little differently, but as you can see, the cleansing action of micellar quite similar. The only and most important difference is the sensation during use. And if micellar water TSP I’m happy, the bottle of Garnier fine. Because my impressions of the application are some obscene words ????

Do you use micellar water? Or prefer other tools for make-up remover?

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