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The growth in consumer demand and awareness of people of what made our favorite beauty products, more and more brands to refuse animal testing and do not include the composition of the products of animal origin. Kat Von D, Elf Cosmetics, Organic Planeta — brand, cheerfully running ahead of his “colleagues” (numerous studies show that more and more popular are natural cosmetics based on natural components and so-called cruelty-free products). SPLETNIK.RU made a list of vegan cosmetic brands, to use means which can be without guilt.

Elf Cosmetics

When Western bloggers hear the words “budget beauty products”, comes to mind Australian brand Elf Cosmetics. In the range of brands you can find great makeup brushes, products for eyebrows, vysokomehanizirovannoe shadows and hydrating lipstick in one, three and five dollars. That’s exactly the case when cheap does not mean poor quality. Last month the company demonstrated its caring attitude towards animals — ten percent of sales of their products have received various charitable organizations (for example, “save the elephants” is a program that protects elephants from poachers and traffickers in Africa).


French brand EcoTools, established in 2007, produces a synthetic brush (from four to six dollars) from eco-friendly materials: renewable bamboo (one of the fastest growing plants on the planet), recycled aluminum and plastic. Packaging is also vegan, as its contents, — each brush is sold in a cotton bag. All products are certified by PETA (the international organization “people for the ethical treatment of animals”), and means that funds are certainly not tested on animals. In addition to brushes, EcoTools range you’ll find combs and toiletries for bath and shower (washcloths, sponges and towels), all at very affordable prices.

Kat Von D

In 2016 the brand Kat Von D has announced an upgrade of its concept — from the moment they began to produce exclusively vegan cosmetics marked #VeganAlert. Palette for contouring Shade + Light Contour Palette, which is every self-respecting beauty blogger, was the first product conforming to the new concept (she was removed all the ingredients that were tested on animals). Now such means was much more here and products-legends brand: ultra resistant eyeliner with the speaker called Tattoo Liner and matte lipstick Lolita, which is selling out faster than it appears on the shelves, and concealer, easily overlapping tattoos and acne.

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Guide good old Lush in the autumn of last year called improper and cruel use of egg whites in the manufacture of shampoos and advocated “oganization” its brand, calling on the Russian cosmetic industry also to end the cruelty. The chief ethics officer of mark, a hardened vegan and activist for the struggle for the protection of animal rights Hilary Jones said that the company removes all remaining animal products from their recipes. Lush first installed my strict policy is “No animal testing” in 1991, which was the first signal on the way to the ethical cosmetics.

Humane Society International (one of the largest international organizations, which deals with the protection of animals) has conducted several high-profile campaigns that the EU has banned the sale of cosmetics is unethical, and in April 2012 the organization began its global campaign, “Makeup without cruelty”, aiming at the abolition of animal testing around the world. Now about 80 percent of branded products suitable for vegans. Lush also donates generously to support nature protection, animal protection and charity. For example, the entire proceeds received from the sale of the cream “charity Pot” (minus VAT) goes to the needs of quadrupeds.


All products are organic brand from Germany Weleda is suitable for vegetarians who exclude from their diet meat and fish. The brand also has tools that are marked with Vegan. This long list includes, for example, mega birch cellulite oil, shower gels, a series for pregnant and lactating mothers, children collection, the products for hair care and oral hygiene. Weleda does not test on animals. And in October will go on sale in the updated cream Coldcream, one of the main ingredients of which is beeswax, is obtained (attention!) ethical way. Mark considers it important to support a number of nonprofit projects, one of which is “Hotel for bees”.

Lime Crime

Decorative cosmetics from the States stormed the beauty industry first with its famous Velvetines (one of the first liquid matte lipsticks in the beauty market), and then the most commercially successful eyeshadow palette Venus. The brand logo — the unicorn and the philosophy of the brand is based on loving fluffy, so it is absolutely all cosmetics are cruelty-free and vegan (no beeswax, lanolin and Carmine). In proof certificates PETA and The Leaping Bunny Program.

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Skyn Iceland

Brand of natural cosmetics from Iceland invented for the residents of big cities, where the stress affects the skin condition. PETA certificate confirms that the company Skyn Iceland does not test their products on animals and does not endorse the cruel treatment of dumb animals. In the line of the brand many patches (love them many stars, including Rachel Zoe, Jessalyn Gilsig, Ashley Benson and Lucy Hale) and creams that solve a specific task, whether it be age spots, wrinkles or rashes.

Le Labo

The perfume lovers vegans should not only avoid flavors containing milk, honey, leather and beeswax, but also highlight animals that are often used to prolong the durability of the perfume. For example, the civets are extracted from the umbilical cord of the African civet, which it needs a long time to keep in captivity. Component is rare and expensive, as it cannot be synthesized. Musk — a strong smelling substance produced by the glands of some animals. Many brands abandon natural ingredients and make a choice in favor of “ethical” synthetics. One of them is Le Labo. 100% ethical (this is certified PETA) niche brand produces hand-made candles, scented oils, designer air freshener made from old dried wood, the flavors in stylish bottles with pharmacy labels-receipts. Not only that, the ingredients of the Le Labo scents are not tested on animals and contain no parabens, phthalates or preservatives.

We are proud that the brand is living proof that there is no need to torture animals to create high-quality and classy perfume, — said the representatives of the brand.

Planeta Organica

Team Planeta Organica many years of traveling to the most protected corners of the world, which collects only the finest natural ingredients (organic coconut, baobab, Shea butter, argan oil and macadamia) and exploring the beauty rituals of different peoples of the world. In the media brand used exclusively natural and organic components grown in natural conditions. Funds from the new collection Planeta Organica Bio, like all the brand’s products, not tested on animals. In addition, they are awarded the prestigious international ecocertification: Cosmos Organic by Ecocert (France) and Vegan from the Vegan Society (UK). Certificates confirm the organic structure of products, absence of critical ingredients (petrochemicals, SLS, silicones, GMO foods), higher quality control and full compliance with the principles of cruelty-free.

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Natura Siberica

This is the first Russian cosmetics company with a proactive environmental stance. Mark basically abandoned the use of tests on animals and the first in the country to produce products, approved by leading European certification bodies natural and organic cosmetics (BDIH, Ecocert, ICEA, etc.). In addition, many of the product lines of the brand (for example, Natura Siberica & Alladale, Faroe Islands, Saarema and Natura Sakhalin) have a registered mark Vegan, and so are guaranteed not to contain animal ingredients.

Organic Shop

7 Super Certified Organic proudly carries the title of the most certified organic line of makeup in the world. This is confirmed by seven authoritative international certification organizations. All products line is not less than 97% consist of components of natural origin, not tested on animals, contain no animal ingredients, parabens, SLS, silicones, mineral oils, synthetic dyes and perfumes.

Tools 7 Super Certified Organic by Organic Shop proudly wear on the package marks the international vegan community, Vegan Society and certified kosher from the Chief Rabbinate of Russia. Sign Vegan ensures the complete absence of animal components in the composition and the fact that cosmetics and its ingredients are never tested on animals. Kosher certificate issued by the Chief Rabbinate of Russia, evidence of full compliance means the laws of kashrut and the highest quality.

In line 7, Super Certified Organic by Organic Shop became 16 effective organic products for hair care (shampoos, conditioners), body (shower gel, lotion and body cream, creams for hands and feet) and face (creams and masks). As active components for moisturizing, nourishing and healing the skin and hair were used extracts and oils of exotic plants such as bamboo, tea tree, avocado, argan, acai, coffee, jojoba, Camellia and many others.

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