With the support of Unilever Ventures is a new search engine cosmetics Mira

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This week there was launched a free search engine for beauty products Mira. It works via a website and mobile app. The platform was founded by Jay heck and Brandon Garcia, two Stanford University graduates, “to uphold transparency and inclusiveness in a very homogeneous world of beauty.”

The platform is designed to help buyers find the perfect beauty products for their needs, and works analyzing feedback on products and turning them into “digestible product reviews”. Buyers can compare the beauty products and also to buy your favorite products at best price with a single click”.

Part of the Mira proposal is to allow users to ask advice or recommendations for the product from the user community on the platform “with similar types, skin tones and aesthetic preferences”. Mira uses facial recognition and artificial intelligence, to unite users with the right product and the users who may have similar needs in beauty.

Mira is a combination social network and online store. This is reminiscent of the Sephora Beauty Insider community, a social platform designed for registered participants only, which was launched in 2017 and aims to connect their customers with their General needs and interests in the field of beauty. A function on the main website Sephora also allows buyers to negotiate with each other on product pages information about how well this product worked for them before taking the decision of purchasing it.

However, the founders of Mira is called the platform “an insider beauty in your pocket” that becomes smarter the more users join. “This allows users to ask any questions about beauty and get answers from real consumers from different strata of society, who turn them from being a consumer of beauty in on beauty,” said CEO and co-founder Jay heck.

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According to a press release, Mira has received financial support from Unilever Ventures ((the investment arm of Unilever, which in recent years has become more interested in the field of personal care products), Founders Fund and Great Oaks Venture Capital.

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