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It’s time to say goodbye to 2018-ridden and dressed up for the meeting, 2019, he will be much better — we were out! ????

The past year was eventful and different for Cosmetici. We spent a lot of time to technical update of the website. Thank you for been patient and endured the surprises from the editor of posts and spell check ????

Next year our community is waiting for more global changes that you’ve been waiting so long: expanding topics of the community, will appear in the mobile app and easily update your wishlist and favourites.

We have a few important conferences and change several existing functionals, which are the most contentious. And revise the approach to the formation of strips of high-quality publications. We hear all about what you are asking us for. But we have a little bit not enough time to do everything at once. We will try very hard ????

I want to thank all of our authors and readers for the fact that you are with us! A special mention to a few people.

???? Thanks for everyone who sent us your suggestions via the internal communication system. I especially want to mention Rhona for impressive constructive suggestions! They helped us in working on new and planned changes.

???? Jolsie thank you for the wonderful initiative “Secret Santa”, and most importantly — responsibility. We are always ready to support the organizers of such events. Small miracles need all ???? I Hope these flash mobs will become a regular ????

???? Thank RitaMix shoovi and miamiolga for helping in the design of several pages of our guide that is dedicated to the most difficult subject photos swatches. Who has not seen, they can be viewed here, here and here.

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❤ In gratitude to give a few icons “Friend Kosmetische” to our wonderful sponsors: Alexa_m Anasty oriVmode miamiolga pi4y4y Girls, keep it up!

I want to wish all our authors, readers and administrators of warmth, love, positivity and beauty! Let all the jars and bottles remain a nice addition to a good and happy life!

The results of your voting in the nominations “Award Kosmetische” can be viewed here.

To create Christmas mood check out our playlists on Yandex.Music: covers of songs or music for the party ???? Also in the Chill-out we have created three Christmas theme:


Here send greetings, throw Christmas photos of Christmas trees, champagne, gifts and anything you want ????

Christmas aroma

The fragrance creates an atmosphere of any holiday. Share the names of their favorite perfume with notes of Mandarin, pine needles and can be Olivier ????

Festive look

Show photos of outfits, hairstyles, makeup and manicures, which you have chosen for the holiday. And send your images with new year’s eve 2019 ????

Happy New year! With the new happiness!

Stay beautiful!

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