Without “intoxicating” rapture. Christian Louboutin Loubilaque Dollydola 408L Lip Gloss lip Gloss in shade 408L “wine berry”

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Hello !

For summer makeup I like to use glitter. In the sun they look not just beautiful and fantastically beautiful! I also like surface. One that resembled a sea with its mirror reflection. When I read in the announcements of the Russian beauty bloggers that the collection Loubilaque Christian Louboutin overlook lacquer lip gloss, my happiness knew no bounds. I expected that this product will be favorite for this (already, unfortunately, last) of the summer. But it was not so sweet. Loubilaque Lip Gloss still won first place… among the outsiders ???? my cosmetics.

The collection Loubilaque Lip Gloss includes 4 lip gloss with the effect of holographic.

Making ordering online, I opted for Christian Louboutin Loubilaque Dollydola 408L Lip Gloss lip Gloss in shade 408L “wine berry”.

Once again about the design will not speak. All the same lacquer box in her “Christmas plastic bump” and a string( you can just ???? to hang) for those who want to wear lipstick as a decoration.

The tube is transparent, through it you can see the beauty Shine.

I must admit that through the prism of “shishechnaya husk” glitter looks stunning.

Brush seemed to me too flat. Full face:


When applied I can feel the plastic frame and the feeling that the manufacturer decided to save on the sponge.

Oh, and then the most difficult. Swatch on the hand.

In the next photo you can see how chameleonic shade from pink to orange.

Here I tried to show volume, which gives a Shine immediately after application. But this effect persists briefly, exactly to the moment until you say a few words. The consistency of the gloss is quite thick and viscous.

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And a closer view.

It is not trying to catch the angle, accurate color constantly eluded me. So add a photo from the official site Christian Louboutin.

It would seem that the original promo photo was not even close. But it’s okay, I’ll show the gloss on the lips, where it occurs with even greater metamorphosis.

So for 3 days I did about 100 images, from which it was possible to choose only a few that fully reflects the reality.

On the street, with no direct sunlight.

In the shadows, finally revealed “wine berry”.

Tint under electric light:

A detailed opinion: I Want to begin with a description of the manufacturer:

Loubilaque Lip Gloss — ultra-Shine line Christian Louboutin Loubilaque filled with star-shaped pigment pearl. The combination of iridescent, holographic and metallic sequins creates volume to the lips, with a magic colour change. Loubilaque Lip Gloss uniquely combines intense color, bright luster and long durability.

After receiving the package and causing the shade on hand, I was upset. My expectations were not met. Not only that, the shade was somehow vague, so more consistency is not credible. When applied to the lips, my worst fears were confirmed.

The first thing is the rejection of chemical smell. I normally react to any perfume in cosmetics, but here it’s overkill. Second, when applying the holographic particles and the metallic glitter is distributed evenly, but literally 5 minutes later they “move out” in the folds of her lips. “Magic color change” is so wonderful that I do not know what clothes to choose for this shade. I see pale pink, it is pronounced wine, and sometimes orange????. And the last gripe — gloss finish. She just no. An hour at the most considering talk and no bite. The color and luster go immediately, but on the lips and around the mouth remains a scattering of glittering particles. It looks like this:

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To review the game turned with the sign ” – ” will add to the brilliance of one plus. The amount of lip he still gives and follows the contour (shape holding) ????.

And Swatch in living conditions. The far view.

And even further???? from Afar to understand that on the lips it is absolutely impossible. There holographic or varnish, and maybe glitter? Rather something vaguely pale and faceless.

But anyway the main thing is still content, and with that I wrote above from Loubilaque Lip Gloss not perfectly.

My opinion: I Will assume that the first four оттенкаLoubilaque Lip Gloss is a “pen test” and in the future something will change in terms of quality. And, unfortunately, glitter Louboutin was not impressed.

Rating: 3

Price: 85 usd

P. S. In the end, I bought the lacquer lipstick without any “bells and whistles” to proven brands ( pre-becoming convinced, as the shade looks in life????).

Thank you for your attention


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