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All good day ^_^ this is my first major review of shadows, do not judge strictly, this post is about this isthe Fortune from the brand ColourPop.

The firm ColourPop many people love mainly for the wonderful eye shadows, and I, too, was no exception. Digging on the site, I chose a perfect palette, which perfectly would fit my needs, added different lip products, famous concealers and place your order. A little retreat :)… and then there was an incident. When I received the package and happily went to gut in the first place the box with the shadows, at first very surprised why my this long-awaited palette of cold tones nadovich looks so… yellow and bright?.. Wow the color, I thought, but later it turned out that the collection order in the shop ColourPop just made a mistake, instead of putting the mosaic of Fame , Fortune palettes, which I didn’t pay attention when ordering, because there was absolutely inappropriate for me color.

Of course I was upset, but still wrote to the store about the problem, and within three days I was kindly provided a coupon equal to the cost of this palette on your next purchase, so the store no complaints and with this palette we eventually became friends 🙂

The palette was originally Packed in a cardboard box, and arrived without any defects, the packaging is very bright and eye-catching

The palette consists of 16 colors, there are matte, satin, and shadows with mica, in General for every taste and color, and we now consider them a little more.

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The shadows I put on the concealer of the same brand ColourPop No Filter Consealer, and I can say that he perfectly keeps them on the eyelid.

Go! 🙂

Cream — a delicate beige satin Golden, incredibly beautiful, one of my favorite in this palette, not whimsical, soft

Ben — matte pastel peach. in pale-skinned, will look quite bright and not everyone will like, but beautifully accentuate blue eyes

Mo Problems — one more brand matte brown redness and reddishness, for some reason I can’t describe on the official website the color is listed as a “camel,” and it’s true there’s something neproblemny, good to apply and blend

Oracle — another one of my favorite satin, insanely beautiful, on me it looks colder than it actually is. some gentle cold gold, really like how it looks on the eyes

Stacks — similar to the small compressed mica copper color can be seen on swatches individual firecrackers, but the eyes still looks a single sheet, is distributed very well, but of course dusty, like all similar mica-containing sectors in this palette

Racks — exactly the same characteristics of the sector, as well as Stacks only roswinkel

Wiser — my dear matte light salmon color, perfect for every day. not too Moody (Moody are ahead)

Miser — very unusual and the most spectacular color in the whole palette, terracotta base with green-blue-purple inclusions of mica, a kind of duochrome. catch the iridescence on the eyelid it was difficult, but in life it looks very nice

Nouveau — chic of the purest gold, is in love with this shade, but I’ll never know when it can be worn

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Riche — matte orange red, very rich and incredibly bright (on the eyelid a thin layer)

500 — matte dark berry color, a bit fussy when applying, you need to try just cause

Trave — matte, kind of dark fuchsia, easy to apply, not fussy. that color I am not happy with, for me, not wearable)

Money Trees — also my favorite, insanely beautiful! dark bronze with small purple flakes of mica, looks at the eyes just amazing

Fortunate — matte brown with red-purple tinge, too, can’t describe this color 🙂 blue eyes with some spergolaia..

Jackpot — metallic reddish purple, very soft like all shiny hues, to apply them is a pleasure

And the last Strike It is my least favorite)) rich frosted plum, Moody, I thought, less pigmented than other shades, so requires very careful attention when applying. well, the color I don’t like, and it does not fit me)

Overall, I’m ecstatic from the shadows, suddenly found themselves Pets and made sure that the shadows ColourPop quality product that is worth the attention

  • almost all shade, with rare exception, perfectly pigmented
  • have a soft pleasant texture
  • easily and conveniently applied
  • I recommend
  • not naughty (except for a couple of shades), it is practically impossible to apply them badly
  • durability — great, which when applied to the database (I have Artdeco) that when applied to the concealer of the same brand
  • do not roll down
  • shades with mica does not crumble during the day

And full image, the photo favorite shades Miser and Oracle ^_^

Cost: 22$ on the official website ColourPop (and in fact it turns out that for free)

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Period of use: 4 months

Rating: 5+

I hope you enjoyed this post 🙂

My name is Lena

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