Wonderful perfume by Benetton “United Dreams Love Yourself”

Really want to introduce you to one of my favorite fragrances from Benetton “United Dreams Love Yourself” released in 2014.

The Benetton company traces its history back to the 50 years of the twentieth century. Started the company with family business the family Benetton, knitting and clothing. Gradually, the family business grows into an enterprise, bought knitting machine, and after all you receive a plant for the production of clothing.
“Colors”, his first perfume Benetton released in 1987 and in subsequent years created the song “Colors Uomo” (men’s perfume), “Tribu”, “Hot” (unisex) as well as “Cold”.

The concentration of the aroma as the eau de toilette.
Perfume belongs to the group of floral fruity.
Top notes: raspberry, pear, bergamot, apricot.
Middle notes: rose, white freesia, Jasmine.
Base notes: sandalwood, amber and musk.

I bought it first because of the packaging, because I love beautiful things😁. The bottle looks very simple and reminds me of the container of the perfume lab. On the lid is engraved with the company logo, and the label says the name of the fragrance and a little English.

“Come to the mirror. Look at your reflection. Every line is a precious touch to your individuality. Each of us has something to give to the world. Everyone deserves recognition. You’re unique, you’re unique. Love yourself! Find inspiration in their dreams. It all starts with a dream.”

In my opinion, quite a bit in the heat too, as it has sweet notes, but on a cool summer evening the perfect solution. A little powdery, and on the skin in the beginning you hear a raspberry and musk, but then revealed to me pear and lime. Resistance is small, only 3 to 5 hours, which for me is a minus, I’m a fan of long lasting scents. Loop for all the years of use I have not noticed.

I think this fragrance is very well suited to young girls. For me it creates the feeling as if I’m wearing a shirt of a guy and smell his perfume intertwined with mine, creating a sweet song. I think for the money this perfume is very decent.

volume: 80ml
price: 1000-1200 R.
period of use: 3 years
rating: 4

Have you tried that smell, did you?)

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