Wrestlers with drugs are protesting against the Black Opium perfume from L’oreal

American organization NCADA, which was actively fighting with the problem of drug abuse, opposed the advertising of the perfume Black Opium YSL brand owned by L’oreal.

Representatives of the NCADA (National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse national Council on alcoholism and drug abuse) state that video touting perfume Black Opium “glorifies” drug addiction.

NCADA, the group from St. Louis that works to reduce and prevent harm from alcohol and drugs through education, advocacy, sent an open letter to L’oreal.

The group’s Executive Director Nichol Dossy wrote to the Chairman and CEO of L’oreal Jean Field Agony: “Yves Saint Laurent, owned by L’oreal recently launched a massive marketing campaign for his perfume Black Opium with the slogan “Addictive. Magnetic. Do you feel the call?” (“Addictive. Alluring. Do you feel the call?”. And this happens in the midst of the worst drug epidemic in United States history, we NCADA believe that this video encourages the sexualization and glorification of opioids or their use. It is impossible to imagine that when the 197 Americans die every day from overdoses, your marketing team didn’t know about disturbing effects of such advertising messages.

Instead of investing in a marketing campaign to promote such a provocative product, the resources would be better used in order to re-brand spirits. We ask you to withdraw this perfumery product from the shelves and immediately stop using the advertising and promotion of “addictive and alluring” opium”.

Recall that the first perfume Opium was released in 1977, Black Opium appeared in 2014 and has occupied 8-e a place in the world ranking Top World perfume Fragrances, according to the website Best Ads on TV. Opium perfume is known for its difficult reputation, because 41 years ago, their appearance and advertising campaign provoked an international scandal.

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In turned out to be controversial is, according to InStyle magazine, starred an actress and musician Zoe Kravitz, world Ambassador YSL Beauty. It was also presented as the new “face” Black Opium in July.

Is the Black Opium that caused the protest wrestlers with drugs

To date, no response from L’oreal is not received.

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