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This nail Polish came to me over a year ago. I remember seeing it and was glad. Actually, I don’t particularly like these colors, I don’t paint, but then I needed a Polish in the colour of cocoa or so for a single project. Buy intentionally did not want, and then – wow – so lucky! From the mail box I pulled out the nail, in the bottle looks exactly like what I was looking for.

My joy vanished at exactly the moment when I started to paint. No, performance is all right, and even more than. I needed two coats for even coverage, and I didn’t even notice how literally they themselves caused. He drew a smooth semicircle near the cuticle and the layers were relatively thin, the varnish is evenly distributed on the nail plate, quickly dried up and a private gloss had ogogo.

But the color!

On the nails I distinctly saw something with a mixture of lilac/purple, not even close to resembling cocoa. At the time I was a little upset. And later somehow turned his hand, and her otherwise light fell – and here it is, the same brown shade, all sirenevoj went somewhere.

And during the next rotation of the hand appeared again.

And then it’s gone again. But there was something else.

In the end, I realized that the varnish Wula Nailsoul 80 s difficult to describe and has a really complex tone. The Polish seems a brown, dusty lilac, grey, purple and brown at the same time! And change was very interesting to watch. Moreover, the color was quite comfortable for me, and I quietly took him three days.

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Incidentally, it is worth noting that of all cream polishes Wula this seemed like the best quality. First, some of them very badly kept, and durability enough just for the day. This (and some others) normally lasted three. Secondly, I never complained about the application of creams of this brand, but this is definitely the leader among all.

The price – 120 roubles

Rating is 5

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