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But with color I guess 🙂

Don’t even know where to start…

On Swatch I found it interesting leather effect on the nails, the shades of autumn series one particularly liked. In General, grabbed for the collection.

Here is all the leather series, and this shade is even similar to the picture 🙂

Texture paint — sand cream base. Two layers of lies is fairly homogeneous, not very tight. I quickly got the hang of it, found the correct number of varnish that you want to dial on the brush to evenly lay.

Dries fine. This is important because the top, there is not provided and can only be used a drying spray or drops. But I have dried myself.

Kept narmalno, but I could not long carry, took, for death the tights 🙂

Removed, by the way, easily, the sand does not stick to the nails, only the pigment in this shade is active, crawling on the skin. Well, it’s the worst, easily wipes off.

Swatch. Paint applied in two layers.

Well what to say… On other people Swatch it looked interesting, for some reason I sand a little thick skin is not. Maybe I should pour the top, it would be a bit lined texture.

Tactile varnish is very cool, not scratched, but the tights cling.

Overall, looks scary, but the color bombeznaya. Here’s the color guessing. I would like this color in a creamy texture… 🙂

Price 120-180 rubles per 16 ml.

Assessment eeeeeeee… difficult 🙂 Very Amateur.

Girls, how do you?

Thank you for your attention to my review!

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I’m Vera 🙂

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