Yogurt mask for hair growth

Milk products are a storehouse of vitamins and minerals needed for hair growth. Yogurt mask a beneficial effect on the condition of the hair and skin, nourish hair follicles and strengthen the hair.

Even after a few treatments, you will notice that the hair became more thick and shiny.

We offer to your attention a kefir mask for hair with cocoa. Note: if you are blonde, it is not recommended, as it can change the hue. Take a Cup of yogurt, one egg yolk and two tablespoons of cocoa powder. Mix all ingredients, apply the mixture and spread it along the length. Need to rinse in an hour without using shampoo.

You can add in the mixture and 2 tablespoons of henna and cloves of garlic. Again, henna and cocoa can stain hair, so the mask is preferable to use for owners of dark hair. If the mixture is too thick, dilute it with yogurt. This tool need to soak the head for at least 30 minutes, and then rinse it with warm water.

If you do this mask with yogurt for hair regularly, at least once a week, soon the result will begin to delight you and the locks will be grateful.

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