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A few years of reading Cosmeticly and browsing beauty blogs allow me to confidently say that about 90% of my cosmetics are purchased solely on the reviews. Today I will tell only about a small part of the products which have been recognized as a beauty community some of the best ????

Concealer make-up Art Sustainable, 201

This cream I hesitated a long time, despite the many rave reviews. I’m always skeptical of tonal creams in this price range:)

But it sold in a store near home and practically threw himself to me in a bag:)

Packing: plastic tube 25 ml, if hanity the lid down — flows into it and getting sloppy

Texture: thick, I would even call it a mousse

On the right hand restorefile in the skin

Effect: here I was pleasantly surprised.

  • good range of shades
  • it is easy to apply and not thin at all. I’ve used both with brush and sponge, and distributed by hand. The brush in my opinion wins, but other methods are also very good coverage give
  • despite a seemingly thick consistency, it goes very quickly and naturally
  • very comfortable to wear, is not a mask, it does not give discomfort to the presence of Foundation, it does not want to run to wash off
  • quite fast spent
  • perhaps, the main minus for me is quite intense, bright flavor. Not nasty, but very Intrusive. At some point, even I stopped using it because of this

The tone on the face (without dusting)Tone on the face (without dusting)

Rating: 5 for aroma

Price: 250 rubles

Concealer Maybelline New York The Eraser Eye

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Really like this concealer praised bloggers! It seemed that his absence in our market is almost a disaster 🙂

And here he is finally on the shelves! I took it only for around the eye area and now for the most part and that’s what I use.

Packing: plastic “pen” with a furry sponge, the handle is unscrewed and concealer squeezed right through the sponge. Frankly not the most convenient packaging. It is difficult to dose, cover all the time kind of dirty, unhygienic, and well, that’s all.

Texture: light, slightly powdery

Effect: under the eyes looks good, the level of overlapping bruises me. But it seems to me that those who have dark circles under the eyes a serious problem — he is not an assistant.

In the folds slipping, but not badly, you can easily touch up throughout the day.

I like to use it not just under eyes but also on your t-zone, apply without using the tones. It looks good on the skin quite matte (I love it when T-zone not shiny) and well kept. Can accentuate flaking. On account of overlapping disadvantages — I don’t really liked it because the coating is relatively thin and can only exacerbate the “deficiency”.

On the left is a concealer, right there

Rating: 4 – without enthusiasm

Price: 400 rubles

Professional Makeup NYX High Definition Blush Taupe

These “blush” have been popular very long, and even now glimpses in the reviews and feedback. I bought them when in our city the Knicks have not sold “officially”. Took bought, as you can see I still have an old version.

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Packing: ordinary plastic with transparent cover

Texture: very dry, when typesetting on the brush dusts, pigmentation medium

Color: cold gray-purple. Previously, such a color is promoted as the most natural, but now I see that it looks on my skin and natural. Perhaps more harmoniously will look on girls with very fair skin and cool undertone. Myself now prefer slightly warmer olive tones.

On the cheeks (looks warmer than in real life)

Rating: 5 if assessed a few years ago, now 4

Price: 500 rubles

Blush Sleek Make up Blush Rose Gold

Bought them after numerous comparisons with Nars Orgasm. And now in the collection have both the product and can confidently say that they are really very similar.

Packaging: matte black plastic, mirror inside

Texture: dry, almost dusty, tightly compacted

Color: rich pink-peach with lots of glowing Golden particles. The pigmentation is strong (high?) therefore, when applying can be quite easy to overdo it. Prefer to use with them a large fluffy brush, which immediately tusuet blush. The look on the skin I like. Really refresh and make the person healthier and fitter. But intense application can draw attention to imperfections, irregularities.

Well, having in the Arsenal of slick and NARS, hand still reaches out more often to the second, for a more secure and hassle-free option.

On the cheeks

Rating: 4+

Price: 500 rubles

Dior Diorskin Nude Luminizer, 02

Revising a billion rave reviews and feedback I decided on this purchase. This is my first luxury highlighter, so expectations were very high.

Appearance: silver mirror plastic, mirror in the lid, the letters on the highlighter quickly erased, has a very pleasant light scent

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Texture: dry, not dusty

Suffered from knuckle down

The color and effect: here lies the magic of this highlighter. The color is very versatile, with rogovenko, but chameleonic warm. The packaging seems quite dark, but really light and fits good even in winter for me. Sequin neither in the package nor on the skin I don’t see only a smooth glow.

You can apply a fluffy squirrel and get a very natural light glow. You can take a brush and tightly to get a bright option. Can layering and polishing to achieve a super Shine. You can even just put your finger on powdered skin and it is also a good fall — naturally, modestly, of course.

Apply it on the cheekbones and on the eye on the eyelid — sitting all day perfect. The skin does not emphasize (but not hide).

For centuries sulagna

Rating: 5+. Is love

Price: 3,000 rubles

Makeup with all of these products, be careful, will blow up ????

Thank you for reading to the end!)

Pleased to meet you — Natasha ????

P. S: Thank YOU as a huge beauty community, over a billion of useful feedback! You certainly tempt not the primary purchase????, but at the same time save my budget can not throw money to the wind and get pleasure from acquired funds!)

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