Your bleached hair looks like straw? Then we go to you! Chic hair oil Joko Blend Hair Reviver Oil, which makes lifeless oakum soft hair

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Hello, my lovelies! Beauty — terrible force, and I recently learned this the hard way. I have naturally dark brown hair, and the only way by which I scoffed at them — was painted in a bluish black.

But girls are girls… My head already long time thought that it would be nice to do the Ombre coloring.

Of course, I knew that after my hair will wash away all the pigment, they will be dry. But that is so not even imagined.

The first 2 days after bleaching I was happy — hair was relatively smooth and soft. And then the joy of change of image was replaced by shock and horror. Pre-pouring on the head is almost a third bottle of the serum for dry hair, I tried to comb out my hair. Although hair it was very difficult to call — those who in childhood was a Chinese Barbie doll, surely know what a washcloth on his head. So, not a bit exaggerating — my hair’s texture and appearance was a one-to-one, as in the above-mentioned toys.

With tears in eyes and pain in heart looking for in the search engines ways to revive your precious three volosiny. And understand that the only solution is to cut all the bleached part. That is, of my hair length below the shoulder blades will get shortened quads.

Oh, no, I definitely do not agree.

I have been more than a month stood on a shelf the oil from Joko Blend for dry and damaged hair. I used it before bleaching, and to confess the truth, the result is not seen. Maybe because my hair was not as damaged: D

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Generously sprinkled over the hair, wait 20 minutes, and ran to the shower. To say I was elated is an understatement) that there was recently a washcloth, turned into quite a decent hair. Well, indeed, now talk about everything in order.

Appearance: a small plastic bottle with dispenser. The dispenser is working properly for me for my long enough 4-5 taps.

Composition and information from the manufacturer: the manual says that the oil should be kept on the hair for 10-15 minutes. To me this was not enough, and I left the oil in your hair overnight. Honestly, did not see the difference — I think over 15 minutes is all you need, so absorbed in the hair.

Texture: very fluid, the oil spreads out before our eyes. It is moderately fatty, but not unpleasant feeling of stickiness.

Smell: nice, I really felt argan and rosemary. The scent is completely unobtrusive and not sharp, can be felt only when applied.

I use butter in this way — put it on your hair (without touching the scalp), and then make the bun and wrap it with a plastic bag. With such beauty on the head go for 15-20 minutes then wash off.

And now the result.On a “before” picture shows that the hair is completely dry. The touch is like straw, in which not a drop of moisture. “After” — supple and smooth, and though I can’t say that they emit between fingers (as it was before, before bleaching), but this result makes me very satisfied. It is a pity that it is impossible for a photo to convey thoroughly the very texture of the hair, you would have seen that the difference is simply heaven and earth.

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By the way, I tried to revive hair with coconut oil and homemade mask of honey, but the result was much worse. So now, while I walk with bleached hair, Joko oil Blend — my best helper for hair restoration.Of course, the result is not lasting, and the procedure must be repeated a couple of times a week to maintain the effect.

I highly recommend this oil for those who have really dry and damaged hair. On normal hair the effect you are unlikely to see, but on bleached, dry and brittle — the result of pronounced, and the oil literally transforms them externally and internally, napitia them from the inside. Recommend!

Rating: 5

Testing period: 3 months

Price: 200 UAH (7.2 USD)

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