Your boyfriend: lip Gloss Colourpop Ultra Glossy Lip tint Cabana Boy

In the endless pursuit of bright shades and good coverage, the one day I woke up with the thought that I have no good lip gloss! No. Normal. Shine. The makeup artist, which calculates cosmetics and brushes pounds, can’t remember all their wealth, voooot okazyvaetsya, there is nothing to paint sudovye lips under experiments with eyes🙄 Pogrustim a bit over the fate and having scolded myself for 11ю vital purple lipstick, I went in search of the Glitter. The result — as always, under the cut.

Packaging standard kolobovsky liquid products for lips — all the same stylish matte cardboard box, the same glossy cover and the same consistently erased after a couple of applications the inscription on the splendor. Who have — will not lie

Shade… Well, there’s always a quest to guess the real color of the item when ordering is necessary, at least plyusovat pictures on the website with switchme Google, times the description from the website and add a tiny bit of heat.😃 And I’m not kidding, because Colorpop really suffers in the direction of the warm potona in lip products. Oh yeah, and the party sometimes differ slightly in color. But let’s not be about sad))

Cabana Boy is a very pleasant, comfortable and in a neutral tone. Light peachy bronze base with a light gold microchimerism. Of course, in the summer he looks just bombyces, especially if You are closer to the mulatto-chocolate than the snow white. I’m somewhere in the middle, so the shade was quite pleased)

The standard sponge, big, more about him to tell something and nothing. Gaining enough product, distributes well, but honestly the brush in the glitter I have no excessive demands.

The texture of the gloss is dense, malleable, on the lips it have a little “spread out” may be a little unusual for those used to liquid. Overall compone apply + density automatically adds durability, and no need to worry that the loop will float. I for example, never wore it with the pencil so well

And the trump card — a stunning gloss, through which I forgive him even easy ryjenko.

On the lips is good, not dry, does not leak, can withstand 3-4 hours without touch-up. The printer — does not give a greasy film and an irrepressible desire to wash it off. The only negative — still sticky, but again not critical.

Color it still a lot less than brilliance.

And the curtain a few full images, You’ve probably already seen them., but if not seen — will see) it is Interesting that despite the obvious warmth, sparkle and fit well with almost any makeup.

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Conclusion — in any unclear situation paint lip gloss Cabana Boy)))) As you can see, this is my faithful companion and assistant in those cases where it is necessary slightly to balance bright eyes) And if now I have spylo window like on some sites “You found what you were looking for?”, I without much doubt would have chosen the option “Yes”

Price: $6 and it is the rare case when I wasn’t expecting discounts

Testing period: approximately six months

Rating: 5+

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