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Friends, today I want to talk about the two’s skin drugs from the French brand L’occitane is the famous hand cream and the lesser-known but no less worthy tonic for the face. Welcome!

Hand cream “Shea Butter (Karite) is” L’occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream

Hand cream — the most frequently used tool in my care. You can even make a joke that I can use as proof of the effectiveness of the use of skin funds in principle, as the skin on my hands is much better and softer than on the face, while I smeared hand cream very often. I use hand cream after each contact with water, and just for fun — I think 20 times a day, for sure. I mean, what’s weird is that I as a lover of hand creams so far not written about, perhaps, the most famous hand cream from L’occitane. But I use them at varying intervals for the past ten years. Many of you know this cream and love it, some criticize for the price, smell and something else.

My opinion is: this cream you’ll like this if you love the smell first of all, because it is really noticeable. This smell is inherent in the entire series with Shi, and personally, I bastard from these funds (I have another oil for the soul, cuticle cream, light cream and body butter Jasmine-Shea). This, of course, a matter of taste.

As to the texture and properties — for me it is the perfect consistency of hand cream. Shea butter here in part 2 after water is 20%, there is also coconut oil, honey, almonds. The cream is not liquid and not too light and not too thick (by the way, this is not enough power, you can try the hand balm, I thought it more nutritious). As for me, for every day I have enough power, the Golden mean — the cream moisturizes, absorbs quickly (I have dry skin) and does not hold film. My hands with this cream in excellent condition, with both summer and winter, and anything else I don’t need.

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Packing. Here I can with one hand to agree with those who did not love her — not always in the confusion of the days convenient to Unscrew and screw (with a flip-cap packaging convenient). I think I even some time don’t buy this cream because of this. But then I discovered the brilliant truth “Who knew life, he is in no hurry”, and I thought, well, that I save a whole second, depriving yourself of pleasure? Yes, and to clear the flip cover of the dried residue of the cream even more annoying. And then, with the usual cover that would not L’occitane, and there would have its charms. Metal packaging I really like — it’s hard to imagine there is another cap at all.

The price of this cream now comes to 1800r, any discounts you can get him cheaper, but I believe it is worth every penny. Have a tiny flow, and a huge volume of 150 ml. ordinary creams If I have enough for a month, I use already 3 and he’s still not over. I think under normal human use of this cream can last for about 6 months.

I have in every purse in the same cream, but with a volume of 10 ml — so I love it, and it is very convenient.

Summary: there’s a reason this cream has a lot of fans around the world. Just grab that thing and get anything else you no longer want.

Rating: 5+

Price: 1890р without discount

Usage life: many years

Gentle facial toner, “Shea” L’occitane Gentle Toner Enriched With Shea

This tonic is actually a tool for removing makeup or it can be used as a toner and as a make-up remover. He’s got a good composition with flower extracts and Shea butter. Packing here is very convenient — there is a dispenser with a pump, a volume of 200 ml. I apply the product on cotton pad and remove makeup or just wipe the skin.

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It is clear water with a slight scent of Shea butter, very soft, and really gentle, I think, suitable for any skin type, even sensitive. Leaves no film, and quite dry, even slightly moisturizes the skin. Different from the usual macellaro, this means a little more nutritious and has my favorite flavor. Cleanses the skin, tones. Alcohol-free! Absolutely does not sting the eyes and removes normal makeup flawlessly.

The only negative — a big expense. I have this toner left about two months and I don’t even wear makeup every day. Took a second bottle. But its price is not so high and the facilities are good. Recommend!

Rating: 5

Price: 1690р without discount

Period of use: 2-3 months

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