YSL Rouge Pur Couture The Slim Leather-Matte Lipstick in #21 Rouge Paradoxe

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Red is always black, only red 🙂

Or in other words, red lipstick does not happen a lot, isn’t it?

This time it was considered in the House of YSL and released a limited-edition line of matte lipsticks with the original stick square shape.

It is worth noting that each of the limited collection with a new design cases the brand is a constant source of excitement and aesthetic delight. The design of this line embodies the classic gold box of the ISL and matte black cap with the monogram of the brand.

In the collection of 17 shades with a comfortable matte texture and I have to review almost a classic red shade 21 Rouge Paradoxe

Remember the time when the brand By Terry has released a lipstick with the design of the stick drops? Brand YSL has gone further and released the stick in a diamond shape. Small commercial outrageousness never hurt.

This form is a very good choice for the coloration of the upper lip, lower it is not a problem, but still need to adjust to create a smooth contour. Or brush to help you.

Shade Rouge Paradoxe is a perfectly balanced red. For Swatch on the hand he does not seem cold, but in the stick and on the lips is visible this subtle blue undertone. After reviewing several different reviews, it became clear that the shade is so different can look. On someone it is definitely warm, and the other visible cold note.

Lipstick vysokomehanizirovannoe and immediately forms a layer on the lips. In the pen for a neat and strong loop is not necessary. If applied with a brush, the coating is very thin, but due to the great pigmentation even thin coating looks very organic.

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The texture of the lipstick is very comfortable, entirely velvety-matte. Great texture on the lips, even layer, not clogged in the folds of the lips, not going in the white stripes and the outline is not flowing.

The pigment is very stable. It will easily outlast a Cup of coffee and a light snack after eating all the lipstick need to be updated. It is well removed by cloth and the pigment quite a bit gets on the lips.

A matte lipstick is very demanding on the lips and this sample is no exception. Still such a soft silky finish will accentuate any flaking.

Also the lipstick does not dry lips, is additionally certainly not taking care of them, but matte lipsticks to not wait. How to apply Nude lips, and lip balm. Feeling equally comfortable.

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