YSL Rouge Pur Couture The Slim Leather-Matte Lipstick in shade No. 21 Rouge Paradoxe

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Lipstick for special occasions.

Lipstick came to the end of November, when the holiday to think still very early, but this lipstick itself — a holiday.

In a gold cardboard box hiding long said to be of parallelepipedal box with a Golden base and lid, matte dark plastic. The base is pretty heavy — the lipstick feels heavy. I love these boxes — they look sleeker, such a pleasure to hold in hands.

Within the square cross section of the stick — a very interesting form! The mechanism is smooth, reliable closing “click”. Flavor the fondant is present, but so inconspicuous that you can distinguish only if specially to sniff the stick, bringing back to back. And that is not right.

This shape is very comfortable, I have long dreamed about something like this. My relief is on the lip is that just the stick it’s hard for me to withdraw the circuit — I always use the sharp tip from bright lipsticks, it becomes blunt faster, having to turn sideways, to smotryatsya. In General, smooth lips easier to live.

A little about the characteristics and behavior. This velvet red. Lipstick thick, is applied tightly — I love you (appreciated that in lipsticks Clarens Rouge Ekla). Lipstick is not a matte in the traditional sense — finish her velvety as rose petals, but it remains movable on the lips during the entire time of wearing, not skukozhivaetsya and doesn’t dry lips. Proof enough, that surprised me — five hours passes without problems. If the room is not hot, then the circuit is not floating and stays in place all the time socks. If stuffy and hot, the loop can be a little head that is only noticeable if you consider yourself straight into the mirror with a normal human arm’s length all is well (I have oily skin, dry this will not happen). The lipstick does not dry lips all the time wearing. Demasiada by any means, if you use the cloth leaves the pigment of the lipstick is very pigmented. But it will be enough, without falling in folds. Dinner if low fat, it, too, will survive, maybe a little off center, but not terrible. In folds falls, the corners of the mouth do not run. In General, she collected all the best from the usual matte lipsticks.

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Now about the tint. This is a classic red. When I swatchel lipstick, I thought I saw cold notes and lipstick should be universal. But under the cold light of St. Petersburg Dec. In fact, lipstick was with a noticeable bias in the warmth and sat on I’m not as good as I dreamed in terms of color.

If you omit not quite my tone, the lipstick is good — easy to wear, comfortable. And hue — a matter of taste. For different celebrations, of which there are no lot — lipstick perfect. Every day I’ll pick up something else — pink or beige tone, but stand back — I will be available. All the comfort of lips is important.

Volume: 2,2 gr.

Use: a little over a week.

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