YSL Volupte Tint-In-Balm in shade No. 2 Tease Me Pink

Hi, girls! Today I want to talk about toning the lip balm YSL.

A rather expensive “toy” — 39 euros with no discounts, but a gift certificate from colleagues quickly solved the problem)

Design I really like. Silver hard case, belt with YSL abbreviation and a hint of balsam.

The balm consists of two layers/parts. The core was bright pink, almost neon delivers intense colors, much calmer, focused on care.

Perfume — sweet candy. Not Intrusive, fades quickly.

Texture — stunning! Soft, creamy, in contact with the lip balm melts and instantly smoothes lips. Care will be felt throughout the day. The balm moisturizes and nourishes lips, and even if you have peeling, when applied to you replace them, but a minute later they disappear.

Although the purchase of balm fell in the summer, I was able to test it at lower temperatures. Walk on the glaciers, he stood with honor and protect my lips from the cold Icelandic winds. So that autumn and winter he will be a good as a care.

The intensity of the tint can be adjusted by the number of layers, but I like a light coating, so put only one.

bright sunlight. On the lips the shimmer is less noticeable — just a slight glow.

Behavior on the lips the perfect: do not go beyond the contour, not going with white stripes. Resistance, of course, weak, only two or three hours. Snack will not sustain, but it’s more of a balm. Leaves delicately and evenly, so the appearance of your lips with this balm you can not worry.

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It is updated twice a day.

And another plus — you can apply it without a mirror and with my eyes closed, and on the run coverage will be perfect:)



the sun

the sun

full image

I really liked this balm, would love to try a brighter (about-red shades), but wait for a good discount. Still, almost 40 euros for a balm, although very good, I think it’s a lot.

Rating: 5

Testing period: 1 month

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