Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture 70

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This post is about the product, opinions which lately was a lot, and I agree that any shade looks at all the girls in different ways, so to me this wave does not interfere. Despite the large number of posts about this lipstick, I read all and each time one gets a completely different impression. My under the cut 🙂

Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture in shade 70.

Classic Golden case square shape with brand logo. The cover closes securely until it clicks. On the basis of a standard label with the brand name, shade number, batch code. Due to the fact that it is a miniature, lipstick calmly fits into your bag any size. Get out a mechanism of excellent quality, the stick is fixed securely. The shape is very comfortable: a thin base and rounded tip, it is simply impossible not to outline the contour of the lips perfectly and flawlessly, moreover, it can be easily done on the run.

A classic perfume, like all the YSL lipsticks. After the application disappears.

Shade lightly covered rose, a beautiful Nude for every day, not the most pigmented, chameleonic depending on the lighting.

The texture is supple, “balsam”, melting. Gives a perfectly smooth finish and a hint of the first layer. At the same time lends itself to overlaying for those who like a more intense version, while not flowing in folds. The finish is glossy, alas, the peeling can not hide, but some uneven terrain improves and makes the overall look more sleek. Comfortable to wear, totally invisible, does not dry lips. Accordingly, the durability is average, the lipstick is able to survive is that the only coffee/tea, a full meal was beyond her power. Dispose as normal with a dry cloth, and any means for removing makeup. Skin properties are not observed.

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My opinion about the lipstick is very positive: it is compact and appropriate always and everywhere. In General, I close this texture, so what is the easiest product to find, and without dances with a tambourine look beautiful and well-groomed.

Term of use: about 2 weeks;

Price: about 2900₽ (without discounts, for the full-size version);

Rating: 10/10.

Thank you for reading! 😉

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