Zoeva – Sun Palette Blanc Fusion

In a series of Plaisir were three palettes praised Cocoa Blend, but the choice of colors it seemed too dark for me. And here’s a basic warm collection I still wasn’t therefore the choice I stopped it on the palette Blanc Fusion, which according to reviews like least just the same because of the shade selection.

In this mosaic assembled warm matte shades and metallics in a gold palette and one brown and plum, but also with gold shimmer.

Matte shades are dry, but quite qualitative, applied with a brush they are pretty evenly. In the palette not much dust in the brush, but unable to sin when applied on the eyelid, therefore it is always better to shake off the excess from the brush.

# Travel Inspired , a beautiful gray-pinkish-beige color

# Joy in a Box — the perfect shade to accentuate the crease, cool

# Conched — coffee with milk

# Question of Taste — a very warm brown color, even like the drop in olive leaves.

# Last Bite is grey — brown with a dry touch of all. Carries the worst of all color, but this hue has an interesting function — to darken gradually and very uniformly. Unexpectedly very well get used to it and layer it slowly to the corner of the eye to create a natural shadow. But be aware that due to its transparency smoky eyes or an arrow you this shade will not do, but this shade creates a fine mist. Specific assignment had turned out in the end.

By the way the matte shades, I sometimes interfere with each other, if suddenly I want to adjust the shade of one hue. Thanks to a Question of taste I can satalite any other matte, thanks to a little Travel inspired lighten and tarasovichi. And thanks to the Last bite dimming of course.

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Metallic shades are quite creamy. Vary their intensity is possible by using a wet brush.

# Noble — white shade with Golden shimmer. The Golden shimmer is used the same as in single origin, just the base white.

# Single Origin — light Golden hue. Like the gold, but gold is scary in a daytime makeup use.

# Vision of Gold — this shade for me is not Golden, but yellow. Quite unusual, nothing like I previously seen in charts.

# Late Bloomer — perfect bronze

# Sweetness Lingers — brown-plum shade, very beautiful. Despite the plum Foundation, the Golden shimmer makes it warm.

For me, this palette has an interesting selection of colors that can be used every day and for holidays. Even a small art due to the yellow color you can create if you wish. And indeed the quality of the shadows is quite satisfactory. If the shades you like, and nothing like you yet, then you can purchase.

In the spring and early summer of this palette I prefer only matte shades, well, maybe with a slight addition of a Single origin or Noble. Sometimes Sweetness Lingers, because it’s not so Sunny in comparison with the Late Bloomer or the more Visions of Gold.

The makeup below, plotted Question of Taste all over the eyelid and on the inner half century shade Single Origins. This makeup I often do with this palette, changing is that matte base color — sometimes warmer, sometimes colder, sometimes lighter, sometimes darker.

Well, the ideal time for this mosaic is the second half of summer and beginning of autumn when the palette starts perfectly blend with your tan and freckles, and the top row of shadows catches every ray of sunlight.

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Express makeup is made using two shades from the palette in the crease Conched, and on the movable century Late Bloomer.

In the summer the top row of shadows are incredibly glows in the sun and does not look alien, as if this gloss was applied in the winter or spring — but it’s a matter of taste of course.

Even in summer, with yellow Vision of Gold to indulge 😇When I had a particularly summer-fruity mood, I did like this eyeliner and experimented. Girls with movable century, a little more you can even the arrow to stir, but with my sullen eye I left, progresiva migracyjne space. All century Inspired and caused to Travel in the crease a little Conched.

Well, the more complex the option of using more than three colors from the palette, the glow from the eyelashes gives a wet-applied tint Single Origin, and from the corner of your eye sends greetings Noble.

Note: All shadows, I always paint the base. Some make-up used Smashbox, some Artdeco.

I was pleased with the purchase of this palette, but advise it to anyone I most certainly would not. You can choose specific shades and shadows have to go, even though it is not bad. Everything seems fine, but other palettes from Zoeva I’m not looking.

I wish you all a beautiful and warm Indian summer and good mood.

Price: 2480 RUB

Term of use: more than three months

Rating: 4+

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